Seven puppies found dumped in plastic bag

Wrapped in a garbage bag and left for dead, seven tiny week-old puppies were rescued after being discovered by a workman who stopped to have his lunch at a secluded spot in West Bay.

The puppies are so small that several were injured, one of them fatally, after being attacked by crabs.

Now they are recovering in the care of Paula Wythe and Paula Blane, of charity One Dog at a Time, who are bottle-feeding the puppies to nurse them back to health.

One of them has lost his tail, another has injuries to his paw, but the pups are otherwise healthy and will be put up for adoption locally or overseas.

Ms. Wythe said the pups would be going out to separate foster homes over the next few days where they will be cared for until they are old enough to be adopted. Still unable to fend for themselves, they have to be bottle-fed with baby formula every three hours.

She said they had been left among other junk at a site off North West Point Road. She estimates they had only been there for a few hours when they were found.

“They were lucky that gentleman stopped there for his lunch because if they had been there for much longer, they would all have died. It makes you wonder how many are dumped and no one notices.”

She said there is no excuse for abandoning a litter of puppies in that way, when so many charities on island are able to assist. She said the real problem, though, is that people continue to refuse to spay or neuter their animals.

“If the mother was fixed, this type of thing wouldn’t happen,” she said. The puppies were found on Monday, and the Department of Agriculture was called to the scene. The DoA passed them on to One Dog at a Time and is conducting its own investigation.

Anyone who can help care for the puppies or is interested in adopting can call One Dog at a Time on 917-8284.

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  1. Show me the island scum who repeatedly abuse, neglect and treat these animals like garbage and I’ll show them prison time. Why is Cayman a haven for this treatment. Why do you look the other way. This is an epidemic to the highest order. I have found a tiny puppy myself. I had everything I could do, to not go ballistic. There is never a reason to treat animals this way. STUPID PEOPLE. SURRENDER the animals to a shelter and then get the dog spayed. Perhaps the perps should be spayed or neutered themselves.

  2. According to the 2016-17 Budget Statements, the DOA had CI$521,504 for its animal welfare and control services. ODAAT, and other organisations like it, rely on the generosity of local patrons to do their work and I can almost guarantee that those donations do not add up to even close to that amount… So why is the DOA being allowed to pawn off its responsibilities to charitable organisations?

  3. We can’t wait to see who will be the next Minister of Agriculture and request a mtg. To,discuss the role of the DOA department with animal,welfare issues. Based on the huge budget allocated in the past over 500k very very little was done.