As a new day begins with a new/renewed Cayman Islands Government, it’s time for a fresh start at the Cayman Turtle Centre.

After years of concerns regarding the animal welfare and conservation practices at this contentious facility, a new/renewed government has the opportunity to end the controversy once and for all.

Our concerns – backed by videos, photographs and freedom of information requests – show that behind the scenes, turtles are being raised and kept in shallow overcrowded tanks, resulting in stress, disease, abnormal behaviors such as aggression and even cannibalism.

Tourists worldwide are increasingly refusing to engage in activities that are cruel to animals. This is reflected in TripAdvisor’s latest move to stop selling tickets to the center and Carnival cruise lines are currently being petitioned to follow suit with nearly 100,000 people signing their support. The rest cannot be far behind.

Instead of propping up a failing business with government money, the new/renewed Cayman Islands government can show true leadership with a fresh start and help turn the center into a rehabilitation facility which puts animal welfare first, is more sustainable, still employs local people and taps into green tourism.

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Former farms such as Kélonia on Reunion Island have made a gradual and successful move from a commercial farm into a much needed rehabilitation and release facility for sick and injured turtles.

This proves there is hope for turtles and a different way of doing things.

Neil D’Cruze, Senior Wildlife Advisor at World Animal Protection

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  1. What a nuisance this man is.
    It’s a farm Mr. Cruze. People are supposed to eat the animals raised in a farm.

    Instead of pillorying us for the fairly humane treatment of reptiles kept in the fresh air why not turn your attention to the far greater suffering of millions of pigs, cows and chickens raised in factory farms all over the world, but OUT of the public eye.

    Sure it would be nice if no animal was ever eaten by a human again. But that’s not realistic.
    And why stop at humans. What about the suffering of those poor, little zebras brought down and eaten while still alive by lions?
    And let’s say the turtle farm DID stop selling turtle meat to the good people of Cayman. Apart from putting people out of work and reducing the turtle farm’s revenue it would lead to a massive increase in poaching.

    Please Mr. Cruze find some big agribusiness to crucify and leave us be.