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Turtle release in honour of World Sea Turtle day

World Sea Turtle Day is celebrated with a special turtle release on Seven Mile Beach by the Cayman Islands Turtle Centre.

Turtle Centre staff launch protest campaign

Staff of the Cayman Turtle Centre held a protest demonstration outside the West Bay tourist facility Friday morning, to highlight what they say are unfair work practices.

‘Moonlight’ the turtle released into wild

A green sea turtle named Moonlight is now in its forever home in the Caribbean Sea, thanks to Grade 2 students at Cayman International School.

Turtle Centre senior staff to pay back erroneous salary hike

Executives and staff of the Cayman Turtle Centre who, due to a “misunderstanding” of a new pay policy at the facility, received unwarranted salary increases, will be given the option of voluntarily paying back the money, the Public Accounts Committee heard Tuesday.

Turtle Centre offers treats for Halloween

Young pirates, princesses and superheroes took over the Cayman Turtle Centre Saturday for the annual Halloween Fun Fest.

Cayman Clubs Poker Run revving engines for Cayman Food Bank

The game of poker has been played everywhere, from saloons in the Old West to casinos in Las Vegas. But, if you really want...

Captive-bred turtle hatchlings begin life at sea

Fifty green turtle eggs bred in captivity at Cayman Turtle Centre were transplanted to Seven Mile Beach on 9 July, as part of the centre’s conservation programme to support wild population growth.

Cayman Turtle Centre announces reopening

One has only to glance at social media to see that parents are asking for guidance on how to keep their children occupied this...

Turtle conservation plan ready for Cabinet review

The National Conservation Council’s plan for the conservation of sea turtles has completed its public consultation and is ready to be sent to Cabinet for review, according to the council’s chairman.

‘Near-threatened’ birds released

Eleven white-crowned pigeons and 18 white-winged doves were released last week as part of the Cayman Turtle Centre’s captive breed-and-release programme last Thursday.

$12,000 reward offered for information on turtle poachers

A reward of up to $12,000 is being offered to anyone with information leading to the arrest of those poaching wild turtles or selling wild turtle meat, according to a press release issued Wednesday by the Cayman Turtle Centre and Cayman Crime Stoppers.

Captive-bred pigeons released

Twenty white-crowned pigeons, hatched and raised at Cayman Turtle Centre aviary, took flight into the wilds of the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park Tuesday morning.

Civil war in battle to save sea turtles

The National Conservation Council has dismissed a green sea turtle conservation plan, produced by the Cayman Turtle Centre, describing it as a tourism and marketing plan rather than a viable conservation framework.

Turtle centre drafts species protection plan

The Cayman Turtle Centre is pushing for the adoption of a species conservation plan it has produced for green sea turtles.

Church assists seniors with outreach program

The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God’s Caleb Group is working with seniors in the community to experience something new each day.

EDITORIAL – Conservation: One debt paid, another owed

Anyone who has paid off a mortgage knows the giddy elation of making that final installment. One can only imagine the pure joy of finally satisfying a $50 million obligation, as the Cayman Turtle Centre recently has done.

Turtle Centre clears $50 million debt

The Cayman Turtle Centre is officially debt-free after making the final payment on a $50 million loan. The money was borrowed to build the taxpayer-funded tourism facility at its current location in Boatswain Bay after Hurricane Michelle destroyed much of the old turtle farm in 2001.

Auditor finds vast differences in pay to board members

From the port boss who receives just $150 per meeting to the utilities director who is paid more than $50,000-a-year, an auditor general’s investigation found vast disparity in the pay handed out to the men and women appointed to the boards of some of the Cayman Islands’ most important institutions.

EDITORIAL – Turtle release: A ‘shell game’ worth playing

Purists would do well to remember that in this context, “protection” refers to the species, as a whole. The Turtle Centre is doing a stellar job in its contributions to the rejuvenation and replenishment of this species.

Turtle Centre proud of release program results

A new study showing the impact of the Cayman Turtle Centre in bringing back green turtles from the brink of extinction should help transform the international image of the institution, according to managing director Tim Adam.

Turtle farm credited for revival of species

The revival of green turtles from the brink of extinction in the Cayman Islands is largely due to a project led by the Cayman Turtle Farm, now known as the Cayman Turtle Centre, to reintroduce captive hatchlings into the wild, a new study shows.

Captive-bred parrots released into the wild at Botanic Park

Four colorful Cayman parrots were released into the wild at the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park Colour Garden on Saturday.

​Cayman Turtle Centre worker suspended in corruption probe

A Cayman Turtle Centre worker has been suspended and reported to the Anti-Corruption Commission after "purchasing irregularities" were discovered during an audit.

Turtle Centre nests wowing observers

Squeals of “Oh my gosh!” and “They’re so cute!” greeted a cluster of baby turtles emerging from a nest on Governors Beach Friday evening.

Public service larger, less Caymanian

The Cayman Islands public service had more overall employees than ever by the end of 2017, according to a human resources report released by the government last week. A total of 6,250 people worked for either the central government civil service or its associated statutory authorities and government-owned companies by Dec. 31, 2017.

Turtle Centre audit uncovers ‘missing’ cash, employee fired

Another Cayman Islands public agency has been rocked by fraud allegations as a Cayman Turtle Centre employee is fired over “a significant amount” of missing cash.

Eroded beach, weather stalls tourism pitch

Concerns about offering a substandard product to cruise ship tourists stalled Cayman Turtle Centre efforts to invite visitors on an excursion to West Bay Public Beach during this year’s high season.

Cayman seeks to embrace tourism boom

Leveraging record tourism arrivals to create greater jobs and business opportunities for Caymanians is among the key aims of a new five-year plan for the industry, according to Deputy Premier Moses Kirkconnell.

Seaman to recount story of ill-fated schooner Goldfield

Seaman H.E. Ross will recount the sad tale of the Cayman schooner Goldfield in a presentation at the Cayman Islands National Gallery at 6 p.m. Tuesday. The event is free.

Auditor general identifies government’s ‘biggest losers’

The Cayman Islands auditor general has revealed the government entities with the largest financial losses, stating that most – if not all of them – cannot continue operating without significant future taxpayer support.

Turtle Centre gets in the ‘Beach Biz’

It seems the Cayman Turtle Centre has adopted the old adage, “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.” The tourism attraction in West Bay has signed contracts this year with a cruise line to bring guests in for a “beach break” seashore excursion at West Bay Public Beach along North West Point Road.

Tourism students and graduates attend networking event

Past, current and new recipients of tourism scholarships gathered earlier this month to network and build relationships. The Ministry and Department of Tourism hosted the annual Tourism Scholar Networking Reception at Luca restaurant on West Bay Road.

Turtle poaching ‘a growing problem’

Impaled with hooks and laid on its back in a tool shed, an endangered green sea turtle was saved from the butcher’s knife at the 11th hour last week. Department of Environment enforcement officers investigating reports of poaching in the eastern districts made the discovery on Thursday.

Future of Turtle Centre is conservation

As a new day begins with a new/renewed Cayman Islands Government, it’s time for a fresh start at the Cayman Turtle Centre.

TripAdvisor halts Turtle Centre ticket sales

TripAdvisor, among the world’s top tourist websites, stopped selling tickets to the Cayman Turtle Centre over the weekend, saying it was “not compliant” with the Massachusetts-based organization’s animal welfare booking policy.

Signs of spring emerge at Cayman Turtle Centre

A rare orchid is in bloom and a breeding pair of parrots have produced their first egg at the Cayman Turtle Centre.
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Candidate vows $500 subsidy for Caymanians in tourism industry

Mervin Smith, independent candidate in West Bay North, plans to use government funds and a higher minimum wage to support Caymanians in industries that have seen stagnating or falling salaries.

Parrot release poster and essay contest finalists announced

The Cayman Turtle Centre has announced the winners of the primary school Poster competition and the high school essay competition.

Family vacation creates treasured memories for cancer patient

Resident Mary “Meg” Bodden, who is undergoing cancer treatment, is spending cherished days with visiting family members from overseas. She, her mother, and two groups of relatives visiting from Canada spent Thursday enjoying some attractions.

Parrot release postponed, contest deadline extended

Students interested in entering the Cayman Turtle Centre’s parrot release poster and essay competitions now have a little more time to prepare their entries. Contest winners will have the chance to take part in the facility’s upcoming parrot release, which is being postponed.

Contest puts spotlight on conservation

Students across Cayman are being invited to take part in a contest that will have the winners take part in the release of juvenile Cayman parrots into the wild this March. The Department of Environment, the Cayman Turtle Centre will be holding its annual Cayman parrot release on March 3.

Turtle Centre rejects DoE, animal rights critics

As the Cayman Turtle Centre moves toward its annual January breeding pond assessment and further releases of animals into the wild, new questions have arisen about the health and safety of its programs. A Dec. 10 release of 36 green sea turtles went ahead before the DOE cleared protocols.

Rescued red-footed booby dies at Turtle Centre

Norman the red-footed booby, who was rescued on a British beach and flown by plane to Cayman, died at the Cayman Turtle Centre on Christmas Day, the Department of Environment confirmed Tuesday.

Cayman Turtle Centre exhibits mark some milestones

A recent bulletin from Cayman Turtle Centre terrestrial exhibits curator Geddes Hislop outlined many new developments at the facility over the past few months. In bird news, one young peahen born in late June, 2016, has joined the peafowl flock, bringing the total number of peafowl on the lagoon islands up to six.

Long journey home for red-footed booby

A red-footed booby named Norman arrived in the Cayman Islands on a British Airways flight from Heathrow last week. The bird fell from the sky, exhausted and dehydrated, on a beach in St. Leonards, in the southeast of England, in September.

Prep students get tourism insights in Turtle Centre visit

A social studies trip to the Cayman Turtle Center for 75 Cayman Prep and High School students focused on what happens behind the scenes and provided insight into the varied work of the tour guides.

EDITORIAL – The unequal distribution of Cayman’s tourists

We (obviously) haven’t read the new five-year tourism plan being developed by Cayman Islands government consultants, but, as we reported in Monday’s newspaper, part of the report will examine ways to lure tourists away from the country’s three most popular attractions – Seven Mile Beach, Stingray City and the Cayman Turtle Centre – each of which draws more than 1 million visitors annually, and spread them out to other venues, such as Hell, Pedro St. James and the Queen Elizabeth II Royal Botanic Park, each of which attracts some 20,000 visitors per year.

Crowding a key concern in tourism plan

A new five-year tourism plan will look at ways to spread visitors beyond three main attractions which risk being swamped with visitors as the industry grows. Stingray City, the Cayman Turtle Centre and Seven Mile Beach each attract more than a million visitors a year.

Cayman Turtle Centre visitors take part in bird release

Excitement was in the air at the Cayman Turtle Centre recently as a crowd cheered on a group of young birds making their first foray into the wild. On Nov. 9 and 10, visitors to the West Bay attraction had the opportunity to enter their names in a draw enabling a lucky few to release a white-crowned pigeon into the wild.

Cayman’s ‘butterfly garden’ heralds arrival of breeding season

The blooms are getting more plentiful at Cayman Turtle Centre’s butterfly garden, heralding the arrival of butterfly breeding season, as well as visits from a variety as migrant butterflies. The garden is also a learning tool for students visiting the facility on educational field trips.

Turtle Centre wildlife updates

This week the Cayman Turtle Centre: Island Wildlife Encounter reports that at the West Bay attraction this year’s second group of juvenile captive-bred white-crowned pigeons are being prepared for their imminent release, which will be coming up within the next couple of weeks.

Rare pigeons, new barracuda at Cayman Turtle Centre

At the newly renamed Cayman Turtle Centre: Island Wildlife Encounter, some new arrivals are turning heads.

Cayman Turtle Farm changes its name

The Cayman Turtle Farm will be called a “farm” no longer.

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