Resident Mary “Meg” Bodden, who is undergoing cancer treatment, is spending cherished days with visiting family members from overseas. She, her mother, and two groups of relatives visiting from Canada spent Thursday, Feb. 23, enjoying some West Bay attractions, including the Cayman Turtle Centre and Dolphin Discovery.

Ms. Bodden took in the scene around her as she and her relatives explored the sights – Andy Jeffs stretching out his arms to catch the spray from high surf at Dolphin Discovery; the laughter of Mike and Maureen Scholefield; her mother Liz’s quiet assurance; and the soft-spoken voice of Christine Jeffs.

“I think the Jeffs are having a lovely time,” Ms. Bodden said. “Even my dad’s other brother came last week and surprised us with his wife for two weeks.

“A lot of the family have been coming to visit since I’ve been having healthcare at Health City for brain cancer, because we will never know how much longer I will be around,” said Ms. Bodden.

“The weather has changed a bit, but they are still making the best of it,” she added, referring to some rainy and windy weather experienced in Grand Cayman last week.

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Since arriving on the island for the first time on Feb. 19, Mr. Jeffs said the family has been all over the island.

“I love the food. We went by boat to Rum Point, got to see the turtles and dolphins, visited Corner Restaurant, Deckers, Paradise Bar and Grill, Sunset House, and we have been fortunate in getting all the good foods from Liz and Meg, who are wonderful cooks. We had Johnny cakes, red bean soup, rice and beans, lobster, jerk chicken and all that good spicy stuff,” Mr. Jeffs said in anticipation of dinner.

“When I get back to Canada, I am telling them I am moving here,” he said.

“We are from the west coast of Vancouver Island, we are right on the ocean as well, just that it is a lot colder, no palm trees or warm water. It is probably about 0 degrees Celsius right now, so coming down here in February is great,” he said.

While it’s not their first time visiting the Cayman Islands, Mike and Maureen Scholefield said they were having lots of fun since arriving a week earlier.

“I just love it here,” said Ms. Scholefield, adding they are originally from Jamaica, just like Ms. Bodden’s family.

“The people are beautiful and everyone is just so friendly,” she added.

Maureen said her first time to the island was to attend Ms. Bodden’s grandparents Reverend and Mrs. Gray’s 25th anniversary.

“So much has changed on the island, you people trying to lose me,” joked Mr. Scholefield.

“I don’t mind the changes, it is progress. In my day, it was just one road running through the island, now by-passes and roundabouts confuse people, but it’s not a problem,” he quickly added.

“You drive it couple times and you are OK, as long as you don’t drive in the sea,” he laughed.

Mrs. Scholefield said they were trying to find some of the older homes they had seen on their last trip.

“I remember a little house with a patio and a swing on it, and had been trying to find this little house, we found a few and instantly knew they were little Caymanian homes,” she said.

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