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Turtle Centre staff launch protest campaign

Staff of the Cayman Turtle Centre held a protest demonstration outside the West Bay tourist facility Friday morning, to highlight what they say are unfair work practices.

Turtle farm credited for revival of species

The revival of green turtles from the brink of extinction in the Cayman Islands is largely due to a project led by the Cayman Turtle Farm, now known as the Cayman Turtle Centre, to reintroduce captive hatchlings into the wild, a new study shows.

Turtle Centre nests wowing observers

Squeals of “Oh my gosh!” and “They’re so cute!” greeted a cluster of baby turtles emerging from a nest on Governors Beach Friday evening.

Plans to export invasive lionfish & iguana face stumbling block

A Cayman Islands business has been licensed to export lionfish and iguana meat for sale in the U.S. But the company, Spinion, says its efforts to provide an economic solution to the two invasive species threatening Cayman’s environment are being hampered by an opaque and seemingly endless local regulatory process.

EDITORIAL-Auditor General: A watchdog that could use more ‘bite’

Auditors do not win popularity contests. And yet, we must confess we are inordinately fond of auditors and, in particular, Auditors General such as Ms. Winspear, who do, if not God’s work, certainly ours, meaning the people of the Cayman Islands.

Future of Turtle Centre is conservation

As a new day begins with a new/renewed Cayman Islands Government, it’s time for a fresh start at the Cayman Turtle Centre.

TripAdvisor halts Turtle Centre ticket sales

TripAdvisor, among the world’s top tourist websites, stopped selling tickets to the Cayman Turtle Centre over the weekend, saying it was “not compliant” with the Massachusetts-based organization’s animal welfare booking policy.

Signs of spring emerge at Cayman Turtle Centre

A rare orchid is in bloom and a breeding pair of parrots have produced their first egg at the Cayman Turtle Centre.

Parrot release poster and essay contest finalists announced

The Cayman Turtle Centre has announced the winners of the primary school Poster competition and the high school essay competition.

Cayman Turtle Centre exhibits mark some milestones

A recent bulletin from Cayman Turtle Centre terrestrial exhibits curator Geddes Hislop outlined many new developments at the facility over the past few months. In bird news, one young peahen born in late June, 2016, has joined the peafowl flock, bringing the total number of peafowl on the lagoon islands up to six.

Sea turtle revival continues, despite increase in poaching

The revival of nesting sea turtles in Grand Cayman continued in 2016, despite a reported increase in poaching incidents. Across all three islands, volunteers counted a total of 430 nests: 305 in Grand Cayman, 89 in Little Cayman and 36 in Cayman Brac. The figures represent a record total for Grand Cayman.

Cayman Turtle Centre visitors take part in bird release

Excitement was in the air at the Cayman Turtle Centre recently as a crowd cheered on a group of young birds making their first foray into the wild. On Nov. 9 and 10, visitors to the West Bay attraction had the opportunity to enter their names in a draw enabling a lucky few to release a white-crowned pigeon into the wild.

Turtle Centre wildlife updates

This week the Cayman Turtle Centre: Island Wildlife Encounter reports that at the West Bay attraction this year’s second group of juvenile captive-bred white-crowned pigeons are being prepared for their imminent release, which will be coming up within the next couple of weeks.

I think?

Rare pigeons, new barracuda at Cayman Turtle Centre

At the newly renamed Cayman Turtle Centre: Island Wildlife Encounter, some new arrivals are turning heads.

Cayman Turtle Farm changes its name

The Cayman Turtle Farm will be called a “farm” no longer.

New public school teachers take in Turtle Farm

The Cayman Turtle farm recently welcomed a group of teachers who are starting at Cayman’s primary and secondary schools this year.

Striking scarlet ibis females join Turtle Farm aviary

After several years of searching and negotiating, the Cayman Turtle Farm has succeeded in acquiring two female scarlet ibis to pair with the attraction’s two male birds “Ziggy” and “Bobo.”

Turtle Farm proves an educational draw

The Cayman Islands Turtle Farm reports that from Jan. 1 to June 30 2016, over 2,130 school students and teachers visited the West Bay park for education and recreation.

White-crowned pigeons settling in to WB

The 2016 breeding season has turned out to be a very productive one for the Cayman Turtle Farm aviary flock.

Baby parrots cause a stir at Cayman Turtle Farm

In mid-May, the Cayman Turtle Farm’s veteran Cayman parrot breeding pair Sweetpea and Leo hatched the second clutch of Cayman parrot triplets ever known to be born in captivity.

New artwork at Turtle Farm

A new art piece is doing its part in welcoming visitors to the Cayman Turtle Farm.

Mermaid pays a visit to the Turtle Farm

A fantastical aquatic visitor to the Cayman Turtle Farm last week had heads turning and youngsters agape.

Kids’ signs spruce up nature trail

Students from Prospect Primary School recently offered up some artistic new additions to the Cayman Turtle Farm’s Blue Hole Nature Trail.

Budget: $35M pays off debt, losses

About one-third of the Cayman Islands government’s capital projects budget will go toward paying off debt and covering operating losses of statutory authorities and government-owned companies, as well as partly funding a major upgrade to the Owen Roberts International Airport.

Turtle farm summer special for school groups

School groups looking for a fun end-of-the-year outing are being welcomed by the Cayman Turtle Farm’s End of Term Summer special. The offer is open to all Cayman schools throughout June.

Turtle Farm releases come under fire

London-based animal welfare organization World Animal Protection has issued comments sharply critical of the Cayman Turtle Farm’s renewed release program and, specifically, Saturday’s release of 15 green sea turtles at Barkers Beach.

Turtle farm restarts release program

In a surprise move, the Cayman Turtle Farm released 15 green sea turtles at Barkers Beach at the weekend, marking the renewal of a program suspended since 2012 after international questions about the animals’ medical fitness.

Baby parrots among several new Turtle Farm arrivals

Some tiny new arrivals at the Turtle Farm aviary are caused a stir.

Turtle Farm is for the birds

The Turtle Farm is getting some new feathered friends as its bird breeding season gets under way.

Breeding season: What to do if you discover a baby bird

While the Cayman Turtle Farm’s resident reptiles are its star attractions, the West Bay facility’s exhibits also include a popular aviary and other animal displays.

Enormous recovery for green sea turtles

Green sea turtle nests have registered an enormous recovery on Florida’s Atlantic and Gulf coasts, as well as, according to Cayman’s Department of the Environment, on local beaches.

Turtle Farm’s education programs bring learning to life

The district of West Bay is home to a unique opportunity for youngsters to connect with Cayman’s natural and cultural heritage.

Bird food raises money for blue iguanas

Visitors who hand fed birds at the Cayman Islands Turtle Farm have helped raise $1,324 for the Cayman Blue Iguana Recovery Program.

Thousands attend Family Fun Day at Turtle Farm

The Cayman Turtle Farm’s recent Family Fun Day was such a success, the venue is planning on holding regular family events in the coming months.

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