The 15-member National Council for Persons with Disabilities is discussing the introduction of sign language for public television broadcasting in the Cayman Islands, among a number of objectives in the coming months.

The volunteer body began meeting in April and have since met with local and international officials regarding service requirements for disabled individuals.

One of the issues discussed in recent months with OfReg, the Cayman Islands public utility regulator, related to the possible introduction of signing for the deaf on local television channels.

All members of the council are either disabled or have relatives who are disabled.

“We want to ensure that people with disabilities in the Cayman Islands can fully access all government services, in accordance with their constitutional rights,” said council chairperson Magda Embury.

Ms. Embury identified key issues for the council going forward, including: the quality of education, access to employment opportunities, healthcare access and general societal independence for the disabled.

The council has also set up an email address, [email protected], to provide a forum for the public to contact council members with questions.

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