Road construction will begin Tuesday at the intersection of Crewe and Smith roads in George Town as the National Roads Authority places a new roundabout at the junction near the edge of the airport runway.

Construction is planned throughout July and August “to increase safety for road users and reduce the operational speed of the junction while setting clearer vehicle priorities at each approach,” the NRA said in a statement.

Since several schools are located along Crewe, Smith and Walkers roads, the NRA is scheduling the work during summer break. The work is scheduled to be completed before the beginning of the new school year.

Motorists approaching the junction from the north and traveling eastbound, who intend to travel along Agnes Way, will keep right and must negotiate the mini roundabout. Those approaching the junction from the north and traveling eastbound onto Crewe Road will keep left to avoid the roundabout and continue onward, according to the NRA.

Work will also begin on street grading, paving, concrete curbs, and road widening to accommodate drainage.

Another Crewe Road project will widen the street from the Silver Oaks roundabout to Navis Close to accommodate a center turn lane, creating a three-lane road. A two-lane entry to the Silver Oaks roundabout will be included to ease eastbound traffic flow.

Work on this portion of the road will also include street grading, drainage and curbs. A sidewalk is planned for the northern side of Crewe Road.

The NRA has notified landowners and businesses in the affected areas of the proposed changes. Anyone with questions or feedback can email [email protected]

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