Local groups team with regional body on disaster management

The Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce, Hazard Management Cayman Islands and the Cayman Islands Tourism Association are teaming up with Caribbean-Central American Action to develop disaster recovery plans.

The groups signed a “statement of purpose” late last month “to make sure that the local community is more prepared for any storm-related natural disaster,” according to a press release from the Chamber of Commerce.

The statement, dubbed “Collaborating to Develop Disaster Recovery Solutions,” was written at a disaster management workshop at the Marriott resort in Grand Cayman, part of a series organized by Caribbean-Central American Action.

Wil Pineau, chief executive officer of the Chamber of Commerce and chairman of the Economic Continuity Subcommittee of the Support Services Group for Hazard Management Cayman Islands, said, “It is vital that we are prepared for any natural disaster.

“We saw the damage that Hurricane Ivan caused and the tireless work needed in the aftermath, so by signing this agreement we hope that we can stay one step ahead at all times to ensure our recovery efforts are immediate and that we can get communities and businesses back to their normal condition as swiftly as possible.”

The Chamber and Hazard Management Cayman Islands hope to strengthen cooperation between public agencies and private sector industries in the islands’ disaster management system, the Chamber statement notes.

Nonprofit organization Caribbean-Central American Action promotes private sector-led economic development in the Caribbean and Central America.

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