Two charges relating to the attempted robbery of an armored truck in February were admitted to in Grand Court on Friday.

Jerome Cunningham, 24, pleaded guilty to possession of an unlicensed Ruger P95DC handgun and two rounds of nine-millimeter ammunition on Feb. 20, in the vicinity of Crown Square on Eastern Avenue.

Cunningham is also charged with attempted robbery, attempted murder and wounding with intent in connection with the same incident, but defense attorney Jonathon Hughes asked that those counts not be put to him at this time.

Mr. Hughes explained to Justice Charles Quin that he had not yet received disclosure regarding the wound sustained by the complainant.

He did not go into detail, but when Cunningham first appeared in court after his arrest, the magistrate was told that shots were fired during an attempted robbery of an armored vehicle and the injured man was a security guard.

Senior Crown counsel Candia James acknowledged that the defense had not received the information requested. “We’ve been having some difficulty getting reports from the hospital in a timely fashion,” she said.

She asked for more time to get the report in this case and Justice Quin set the matter for mention again on Aug. 11.

When Cunningham came to court in June, Mr. Hughes had advised that a fitness to plead assessment had been ordered on March 2, but three months later his client did not even have an appointment. The assessment had been done since then and Cunningham was found fit to plead, Mr. Hughes said on Friday.