Delays in garbage collections

Collections of garbage throughout Grand Cayman are experiencing delays due to issues with Department of Environmental Health trucks.

In a statement released Friday, the department apologized to residents of Grand Cayman who have been experiencing delays in their garbage collection services over the past week. The DEH added that it was working to ensure normal service would resume in the “shortest possible time.”

“The delay in collection is caused by unforeseen challenges that the department encountered with the trucks assigned to collect garbage in the respective communities,” the statement read. Collection crews were scheduled to carry out additional work over the weekend to clear some of the backlogs.

Anyone who continues to experience non-collection of their solid waste can call the DEH on 949-6696 or emailing [email protected]


  1. I wonder if DEH is keeping up with the population demands , or are they expecting to continue using 3 garbage trucks now that the population has doubled . But even for the garbage pick up to be backlogged could say that more thinking about the future development of the Islands needs to be done . Unless the trucks were used for some other reason this week . As the population grows DEH must also .

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