A $3 million project to bring a tiki-style restaurant, beach club and water sports center to the George Town waterfront goes before the Central Planning Authority on Wednesday.

Cayman Falls 2000 submitted plans for the “George Town Beach Club” at a site on North Church Street, close to the Coral Sands Resort.

The site is currently used for housing and a water-sports business, according to agenda papers submitted to the planning authority.

The same developer owns Tiki Beach on Seven Mile Beach, and the new project will be similar in style, according to architect John Doak.

There is no indication with the application of what will happen to residents in the area, though the document indicates that some buildings will be demolished. There were no objections to the plan submitted to the planning authority, and it is understood that the buildings are largely housing staff for employees of the developer.

The application contains few details, but indicates that the development will include a series of tiki-style huts. It also indicates the development will involve improvements to the existing dock, ramp and quayside, and a new beach.

In a statement released to the Cayman Compass through its architect, Mr. Doak, Cayman Falls said it was looking forward to a favorable result at Wednesday’s planning hearing.

It stated, “With over 30 years experience in operating such venues in the Cayman Islands, George Town Beach Club will be another first class facility for the enjoyment of visitors and residents alike and will indeed be an inspiring catalyst for the revitalization of George Town.”

Like Tiki Beach, the development will feature an open restaurant bordering a beach dotted with bamboo gazebos and sun loungers.

According to the documents filed with the planning authority, “The characteristic of the proposed development are consistent with the character of the surrounding area – the proposed development is consistent with existing and proposed neighbourhood and shoreline properties north of George Town and in particular where this development will in particular be serving the islands’ cruise and air visitor. The tiki style architecture and totally tropical ambience of the proposal are in keeping with existing and future developments for this area of North Church Street and George Town Central.”

The Department of Environment has requested that the source of sand for the beach be approved by DOE officers as a condition of planning approval. The planning department also raised concerns about parking space and setbacks from the high water mark and adjacent buildings.


  1. Hopefully the planning commission will take a close look at the current operation of the company running the Tiki Beach bar on SMB. Here is a quote courtesy of “Golden Spoons”.. “This location is brilliant, yet desolate and no locals in sight. What a shame! What once seemed so posh now seems quite dated and cheesy, with the high-back chairs that resemble a king’s beachside throne and the dirty white linens pulled back from the empty cabanas. In its heyday, there were daytime DJs and fun all around. Now, the place obviously banks on the cruise shippers and perhaps doesn’t need to care about anything else.”

    Perhaps Cayman should be looking for facilities that serve both local and visitor needs.

  2. Unfortunately Tiki Beach was destroyed as a destination when the West Bay Road was diverted. People no longer drive right past it and out of sight is…..

    Quite sad really as we go there sometimes for lunch and have a pleasant, if not a gourmet, experience.

  3. I hope the authorities take in consideration residents and visitors who stay next door at the resort. If there are to be ordinances for the noise level and time frame then this development could be a good neighbor. If there are no restrictions, this development will be driving many visitors who have contributed many US dollars to this island for almost 25 years off the island. I hope the planning authority takes into consideration of the peaceful neighbors when they make their decision.

  4. It sounds like the problem here is that these developments don’t want to cater to the Caymanian Population and only Tourism , then I would think that if the local community didn’t go there , when the off season comes they might feel the pinch and need for the Locals . Then you can say too late buddy .

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