Updated: 5.45 p.m., Friday, Sept. 15

Police are investigating the discovery of skeletal remains at a house in Bodden Town, the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service confirmed Friday.

Over the last couple of days, Scientific Support Branch officers have been at the scene, sifting sand and dirt.

Police were initially tightlipped on the case, but RCIPS spokeswoman Jacqueline Carpenter issued a statement Friday, saying: “Earlier in the week a member of the public notified the RCIPS about some skeletal remains found on a property in Bodden Town.

The RCIPS, assisted by Customs, has carried out a search of the grounds and recovered additional bones; these will undergo forensic anthropological testing to establish the age of the bones and next investigative steps, if any.”

Original story:

A Bodden Town seaside home undergoing renovation was the scene of a search Thursday morning as Scientific Support Officers and police sifted beach sand from a pile alongside the home.

Two white tents covered the area where officers worked. Wearing face masks and surgical gloves, officers hovered over a wooden and wire sieve placed over a rusted wheelbarrow and picked objects out of the remnants as the sand was sifted.

Every so often, an officer would pluck an object from the screen and place it into a brown paper bag held by an officer from the Scientific Support Unit.

When passersby stopped to inquire what was taking place, police ushered them along, saying only that they were carrying out an investigation.

Royal Cayman Islands Police Service spokeswoman Jacqueline Carpenter said she was “unable to comment at this time on any ongoing investigation.”


  1. This kind of thing has been happening for long time in Cayman Islands. Back in the late 60’s, they were digging a swimming pool by hand and skeletons were found chained together, but the site was closed and guarded 24/7 and was never known if there were any treasures found along with the chained bodies.

    Can anyone shine more light on that story? The location of the site was in Boatswain Bay/West Bay about 50 yards from the sea.

  2. Cayman Compass , do you have any articles on the finding of those chained skeletons found in Boatswain bay West bay . The property was owned by an American man by the name of Mr Richard Himah , if I am correct . I know that Mr Mike Adams was the owner of the property a few years ago

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