A new Patient and Family Advisory Committee of the Health Services Authority met for the first time this month in an effort to improve patient care at health facilities.

Members will help inform the agency about patient experiences and advise on possible areas of improvement. They will also serve as a community connection to promote Health Services Authority initiatives, said HSA Chief Executive Officer Lizzette Yearwood.

“Your role [on the committee] is to help our organization see things through the patient’s eyes, giving us valuable input and perspective to deliver quality healthcare to our patients. The purpose of the group is to give patients and families a voice in their healthcare,” Ms. Yearwood said.

“As healthcare providers, we have the best of intentions and we do a really good job. But there is room for improvement, and we want to hear directly from patients and families to learn how we can provide the most extraordinary patient experience every time.”

Advisory council members include families and patients who have been hospitalized at the Cayman Islands Hospital or who have used other HSA facilities, such as the district health centers, within the last three years.

Other representatives will come from service providers and stakeholders such as CINICO, the Health Insurance Association of the Cayman Islands and the Seafarers Association.

To join the committee, advisers must complete an orientation on roles and responsibilities, and patient confidentiality. The council meets monthly and members serve for two years.


  1. This thing about having civil servants pay for their CINICO insurance because in the words of whats his name. “HSA is a free for all.”

    In reality, HSA is forcing people to go to go see a doctor.

    Here’s why:

    *You go to doctor for any kind of test. The cost is $140 for the doctor visit. Not including the test. Only a few doctors will pick up the phone and call you to say what your results are. If you don’t hear from them you have to go back to see the doctor. At times the results could be ok other times they just didn’t get the report from the lab or xray department. The cost is another $140.

    *Or, do you have to get refils? Yes you need to see a doctor for him to write a precription. Oh and he only gives you 3 refils. No the drug is not habit forming nor do you need blood work. He just writes a prescription. Cost $140, every 3 refils.

    *HSA has been known to be tardy on their insurance claims. So the insurance denies it. Then it becomes the patients responsibility to pay it or bad debt. Or you get duplicate bills.

    So instead of having civil servants pay for their insurance because the claims are high. Why not stop forcing people to go hospital. Review and reduce unnecessary visits to the doctor.

    Review the accounting department. Make sure they are not double charging patients and that they are submitting claims in a timely manner.

    Also reduce the cost. Why does it cost more to see a doctor at HSA than it does a private doctor?

    Cost of Insurance
    I bet that the majority of people’s medical bills will not amount to the cost they will have to pay for their health insurance.

    How much money will a person be forced to waste on insurance anyway?
    * Car insurance.
    * House insurance.
    * Life insurance.
    * Health insurance.

    When you add it all up you can’t eat for insurance premiums. Insurance is dead money.

    You can rarely claim a penny either for clauses like:
    * “only by natural disaster”.
    * “third party”.
    * “above normal medical cost”.
    * “under insurred”.

    Someone needs to do thier homework before they just cram crap down peoples throats! Or maybe they have and we are the idiots!

  2. So Ms Bodden , are you saying that the copay for a insured patient to see a Doctor is $140 in Cayman ? I am happy to see that you see what is happening and speaking up about it . We need more like you then we might get something done with the situation , but not if you sit down and let them ram it down your throat. I think that if Government was for the people and not the Insurance companies you wouldn’t be swamped down with high insurance premiums and high copay .

    I am seeing more and more every day that the Caymanians needs to wake up and let these politicians know that we need more representation , and we worth more than the vote we give them . It’s time that everyone open their eyes because I see more than Healthcare problems happening in Cayman Islands today.

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