More policing for eastern districts

Police officers and Bodden Town MLAs Alva Suckoo and Dwayne Seymour gather with residents Tuesday night at Frenchmans Drive for a neighborhood watch meeting. - Photo: Jewel Levy

Police told residents at a district meeting in Breakers Tuesday night that traffic control and greater police visibility would get under way in Bodden Town and the eastern districts.

A number of community members attended the neighborhood watch meeting in the yard of Karen Smith in Frenchmans Drive in Breakers, organized by Neighborhood Watch Chairman Derrie Richardson.

The new head of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service’s Neighborhood Policing division, Inspector Courtney Myles, told residents they could expect to see a lot more police activity in the eastern districts.

“Where crime is concerned and all aspects of traffic control, there will be a lot of checks being carried out full force.… Before the end of the week, residents should see a difference in the community,” Inspector Myles told residents.

Inspector Myles said that with the help of Inspector Winsome Prendergast and other officers, the RCIPS is using all the human resources available to ensure all communities are safe.

“Any issues you all have, contact the police and they will find solutions. Our main objective is to form a partnership with you and the police,” Inspector Myles said. “We know that in the past that partnership has not been that great and, going forward from tonight, our main objective is to form a cohesive partnership with the public and the police. We want to regain the confidence of the public.”

Ms. Richardson and committee members Arnold Senior, Denver Barnes and Michael Kelly raised concerns about the number of break-ins in the neighborhood. They said they also needed assistance with cleaning up the area and called for speed bumps to be installed on the road. Residents were told the National Roads Authority is aware of the request to install speed bumps.

Some residents also wanted more police patrols in the area, as well as a solution for people dumping garbage. Residents were told there was a fine for littering and any illegal activity should be reported to the police.

Inspector Prendergast told residents police were aware that there are some areas in the districts experiencing antisocial behavior and criminality, and officers intend to target these hot spots.

She said residents could call her anytime. “In the coming weeks, there would be a lot of roadblocks in the eastern districts and residents should bear with us,” Inspector Prendergast said.

Alva Suckoo, MLA for Newlands, said some of the issues in Newlands are very similar to the issues residents were dealing with on Frenchmans Drive. He saw no reason why the groups could not work together in terms of support.

Minster for Health, Environment, Culture and Housing and MLA for Bodden Town East Dwayne Seymour met the new head of the Neighborhood Policing Division and gave his support to officers and residents.

Also attending the meeting from the Bodden Town Station were PC Clifford Garcia and PC Lazarus Moraes.

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