Scuba divers removed debris Monday from the wreck of the USS Kittiwake dive site, which was damaged during a storm last week.

Divetech, which has a maintenance contract with the Cayman Islands Tourism Association to keep the wreck shipshape, removed broken mirrors and other debris that had come loose when the wreck toppled on its side last week.

Using lift bags for the heavier items, the divers were able to clear the debris from the site.

Joanna Mikutowicz of Divetech said the cleanup had taken the best part of Monday afternoon.

Swells associated with Hurricane Nate, which passed nearly 300 miles from Grand Cayman on Oct. 8, snapped the anchor chains, leaving the 251-foot-long, 2,200-ton vessel on its side.

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  1. How rediculous , Divetech, which has the maintenance contract to maintain the kittiwake dive site from CITA . That’s like having to pay you to maintain your own home or business . Why aren’t all watersport opperators responsible or has the pride for this job ? After all they are all making money from this wreck dive site , but one Company has the contract and I am assuming that that MONEY is included in the contract. This stinks all the way and really smells like fish .

    When I was a Charter boat captain /opperator and I was in the water anywhere on the Islands and I found any garbage I removed it and felt that it was my civic duty to .

  2. In answer to the last comment someone has to be in charge or nothing gets done. You can’t have 50 divers down there bumping into each other. Dive Tech is a good company. I have dove with them often and they do a good job. We are not talking about picking up some trash from the bottom which everyone should do but clean a ship wreck.

    • Then Bruce isn’t this ashame that there’s so many people who are making their living of the ship wreck and because if no one was in charge nothing would get done . That really shows that there are not much responsibility in the others .

    • Now knowing that Divetech has the maintenance contract to maintain the kittiwake . How come they aren’t talking about re-securing her before the next northwester which is right around the corner . Who would be responsible for damages to the corals if kittiwake damages more corals an if the wreck is not properly secured ?

  3. Bruce , I am talking about the rediculous act of CITA destroying Taxpayers money , when the maintenance should be all watersport opperators responsibility to do what Divetech are being payed for for free. Why can’t the watersport opperators just come together and do what Divetech is doing for a common courtesy to their industry and the Environment which they are all making their lively hood from .
    You needed to have seen how the crew of kittiwake kept her clean before she was sank and didn’t bump into each other .