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Women’s Dive Day: Divers swim more than 60 miles in fundraiser

Some 80 divers took part in a fundraiser for the Breast Cancer Foundation on Women's Dive Day on Saturday when, between them, they dived...

Female divers gear up for Women’s Dive Day

The tenacity and dedication of Cayman's female dive instructors will be honoured at this year's Women's Dive Day when they take part in a challenge to dive, cumulatively among them, a distance of 58 miles - the equivalent to the length of Grand Cayman's coastline.

Divers prepare to go back underwater

Dive sites across Grand Cayman will be open for the first time in almost three months on Sunday, and the island’s dive operators are gearing up to welcome back customers.
Diving is self-isolating under the water by nature, which works well at times like these.

Take a breather and go diving

While other dive shops close temporarily due to the coronavirus, at least three of them are grabbing the regulator by the hose and staying open.

Divetech denied permit for new location

The Central Planning Authority has turned down a request by Divetech to expand its operations to a residential property just north of its current location at the Lighthouse complex in West Bay.

Cayman’s female divers line up to break their own world record

Fifteen feet below the surface of the sea off West Bay on Saturday, for the second time in two years, female divers on Grand Cayman broke a world scuba diving record.

Women divers to make world record attempt

The only thing better than breaking a world record is breaking the same world record, again.

Cathy Church charged over boat collision

Photographer and environmental advocate Cathy Church has been charged by police in connection with a boat crash at the Kittiwake dive site.

Little Cayman giants abound in ‘Sponge Belt’

The crew from Divetech and a group of divers returned to Grand Cayman Saturday after exploring the depths of Little Cayman.

Divers go to unexplored depths at Little Cayman

Divetech’s annual dive event ‘Innerspace’ is typically held on Grand Cayman, but organisers wanted to go somewhere unique for the event’s 15th year.

Former Kittiwake crewman returns to vessel on dive trip

Earlier this year, a Michigan resident visited Cayman to see his erstwhile home, which happens to be located at the bottom of the sea.

Concern over reckless jet ski riders

Reckless watercraft riders are putting lives at risk by ignoring basic marine laws, according to concerned dive operators in Grand Cayman.

World record attempt for Women’s Dive Day

The PADI dive organization has scheduled its fourth annual Women’s Dive Day for this Saturday. Female divers all around the world will be getting in the water to celebrate women in the industry, and Cayman is no exception.

Female divers join hands for record attempt

Scuba divers in the Cayman Islands are aiming to set a novel new world record by forming the longest female underwater human chain.

Divers clear debris from Kittiwake dive site

Scuba divers removed debris Monday from the wreck of the USS Kittiwake dive site, which was damaged during a storm last week.

Kittiwake shipwreck a threat to coral reef, DoE says

The popular USS Kittiwake shipwreck has been deemed safe for divers, but concerns persist about the threat it now poses to natural coral reef.

Lost wedding ring recovered on Kittiwake shipwreck

A shipwreck, lost treasure and a knight in scuba gear made for a fairy tale ending to one couple’s Cayman vacation story. When Jessica Pasquarelli noticed she had lost her wedding ring after a dive on the USS Kittiwake dive site, she thought it was gone forever.

‘We were just shocked’: One scuba tank’s long, strange trip

It came as a surprise for Divetech owner Jo Mikutowicz when her business received a phone call last week from a man from a very unlikely place, saying that he found a tank on a nearby beach. “We were just shocked it made it all the way to Florida.”

Divers raise $1,000 for Cancer Society

Female divers make heart signs as they pose underwater off West Bay as part of a fundraiser during Women’s Dive Day on Saturday.

Cayman Salutes Women’s Diving Day 2017

It is hard to miss Divetech’s boat, Atatude, cruising along Cayman’s coast. In contrast to the usual white vessels out on the water, this one is painted a brilliant shade of fuchsia.

West Bay dives raise money for Crisis Centre

Divetech in West Bay joined with the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre on Women’s Day on Sunday for a fundraising dive trip.

Women’s Dive Day to benefit Cayman Islands Crisis Centre

West Bay dive shop Divetech is marking the PADI Women’s Dive Day with a special event benefiting the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre.

Sharks celebrated at West Bay festival

There were sharks galore at the “SharKY Fest” in West Bay on Saturday

Bumper lionfish cull during Earth Month

A group of determined divers recently did their part for Earth Month in the waters off the West Bay coast, offering up their skills in the fight against the invasive lionfish.

Kittiwake wreck transformed into underwater museum

To mark the fifth anniversary of the sinking of the USS Kittiwake, the wreck has been transformed into an underwater museum.

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