A shipwreck, lost treasure and a knight in scuba gear made for a fairy tale ending to one couple’s Cayman vacation story.

When Jessica Pasquarelli noticed she had lost her wedding ring after a dive on the USS Kittiwake dive site, she thought it was gone forever.

But staff at Divetech came up with the idea of reviewing GoPro video footage from the dive. The detective work paid off: She noticed the ring had been on her finger when she swam into the ship’s recompression chamber but was missing when she re-emerged.

One of the company’s dive instructors made a trip out to the shipwreck the next day and recovered the ring from where it had lodged underneath the floor plates in the chamber.

“I had already accepted the fact that the ring was gone,” said Ms. Pasquarelli. “It is just amazing to get it back. What are the odds?”

She said instructor Mark Rowe had filmed her entire Kittiwake dive on GoPro and encouraged her to go through the footage to figure out when she lost the ring.

“When I told him the video showed it might be in the chamber, I thought there was a one percent chance it might still be there. I really didn’t expect them to go look for it. But he called the boat without hesitation and they went and found it.

“Words cannot explain how much I appreciate them and how they went above and beyond for a customer’s ring that was lost in the ocean. This is proof that there [are] still good people in the world who truly care.”

Ms. Pasquarelli married her partner Laura in Las Vegas in November last year and first visited the Cayman Islands for their honeymoon in December. Joanna Mikutowicz, owner of Divetech, said she was glad they were able to help.

“It was great that we had the GoPro footage to find it,” she said. “We’ve had people lose wedding rings and cameras and flashlights before, but we have never been able to find them for them.”


  1. Great that her ring was recovered. But the moral of this story is “Don’t wear jewelry when diving.”

    My wife and I both have cheap steel wedding bands that we keep to wear in countries and cities known to have a high rate of crime. Istanbul and Buenos Aires for example. Hopefully we won’t soon have to add George Town to that list of high risk places

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