UPDATED 8PM: Tropical Storm Harvey has formed about 200 miles east of the Windward Islands, according to the National Hurricane Center, packing wind speeds near 40 mph.

The tropical storm is expected to enter the eastern Caribbean Sea within 24 hours, the central Caribbean in two-three days hours and the western Caribbean in four-five days.

It could strengthen into a hurricane on Monday.

ORIGINAL: A potential tropical cyclone east of the Lesser Antilles began to take definition and become better organized Thursday morning, according to the National Hurricane Center.

A five-day forecast placed Potential Tropical Cyclone Nine on a westward trajectory, possibly threatening the southern Caribbean before curving northwest toward Central America.

The system had an 80 percent chance of becoming a hurricane in the next 48 hours and a 90 percent chance in the next five days.

The National Hurricane Center described environmental conditions as conducive to storm development and anticipated a tropical depression could form Thursday night.

Heavy rainfall and gusty winds were expected for the Lesser Antilles and the eastern Caribbean Sea. No country specific warnings had been issued as of Thursday afternoon.

An Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunter was expected to investigate the disturbance Thursday afternoon.

Another disturbance, moving westward across the Atlantic, showed a medium chance of forming into a cyclone over the next five days. The disturbance was halfway between Africa and the Lesser Antilles as of Thursday afternoon. The National Hurricane Center forecast a 50 percent change of the storm becoming a cyclone in 48 hours and a 60 percent chance in five days.

The disturbance was expected to follow a west-northwestern trajectory, passing north of the Leeward Islands. At this point, the storm’s upper-level winds are expected to be less conducive to tropical cyclone formation.

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