Free men’s health night offers PSA tests

As part of MOvember activities to promote men’s health, the Lions Community Centre in Grand Cayman will host a free information night Thursday at 7 p.m. with the Cayman Islands Cancer Society and CTMH Doctors Hospital.

The evening will offer free Prostate-Specific Antigen tests and presentations from local doctors on prostate and colon cancer. Attendees will have the opportunity to speak with medical professionals one-on-one after the presentations.

The initiative represents a personal mission for the Lions Club of Grand Cayman, explained member Alfonso Wright.

“Our intense involvement in prostate and colon cancer awareness education began after we lost one of our past presidents to colon cancer. Lion Delano Hislop’s passing in January of 2011 inspired us to launch a men’s health education campaign in his memory,” Mr. Wright said.

“The educational presentations are timely and up to date. New information on medicines and technology are always provided. The entire evening is free of cost and includes PSA testing for men. The evening is a must for everyone, male and female.”

Cayman Islands Cancer Society operations director Jennifer Weber encouraged men to attend and face health-related anxieties they may have.

“There is no stigma in showing up to learn more about something as scary as cancer. You are not tempting fate by hearing someone talk about cancer. If men take a proactive approach to learning about it before they have a problem, then they are going to be so much better prepared to evaluate the signs and symptoms if something does go awry in the future,” Ms. Weber said.

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