Visitor raped on Seven Mile Beach

Two attacks on women Saturday morning

George Town Police Station

A female visitor was attacked and raped while she was walking along Seven Mile Public Beach early Saturday morning, the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service confirmed Monday.

RCIPS reports on the incident released Sunday afternoon and then on Monday morning differed slightly, with the first release referring to the incident as a sexual assault in which “the victim received no serious injuries” and the second indicating the woman was raped.

“A woman was reported to have been walking north from Seven Mile Public Beach when she was approached by a man not known to her and raped,” the Monday version of the statement read.

The Sunday version of the police statement said she had been walking alone.

The victim, believed to be in her 30s, was taken to hospital early Saturday and subsequently released after receiving treatment.

Police said Family Support Unit detectives are ensuring that “all necessary safeguarding measures have been put in place for the victim.”

RCIPS officers also investigated a second attack that occurred the same morning in West Bay’s Morgan’s Harbour area. Officers said there is currently no information indicating the two attacks were linked.

Police said a woman receiving a ride home from someone she had just met was taken to a secluded area of Morgan’s Harbour in West Bay.

“The man began making aggressive sexual advances toward her, tearing at her clothing,” police said.

The victim struggled with her assailant, managed to get free and knocked on the door at a nearby home seeking help.

Police said the case was being investigated as an attempted rape and that the victim involved had suffered some physical injuries.

Police issued a description of the suspect in the second attack. He is described described as 5 feet, 7 inches tall, wearing a dark blue shirt. He drove a silver vehicle of unknown description.

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  1. This would have been a far more helpful and informative article if it included some basic details. Time of the incident on Seven Mile Beach and at least a few details of the attacker in the West Bay incident (what he was wearing, was he light skinned, dark skinned, any identifiable marks, scars, hair color, etc.) . Someone might be able to assist in finding him if you had even a basic description. Please consider getting a few details when you write an article such as this.

  2. I have to ask the question is the Government and DOT are aware of these 2 RAPES and the HEADLINES that have gone world wide . Putting up fences are not the cure for this problem, getting rid of the scumbags is the. cure .
    Cayman shouldn’t be like Jamaica because it’s not Jamaica. All i can say is that Government better wake up before it’s too late and get a handle on the crime on the Islands or we will be just like Jamaica .