A new survey shows Cayman government workers are largely satisfied with their jobs.

The internally conducted poll asked nearly 2,300 civil service employees about the work they perform, their management and questions about their personal lives. The results were compiled by ORC International.

According to the results, 95 percent of employees are interested in their work and 70 percent are “proud” to tell others where they work. Significant majorities, between 54 percent and 65 percent, felt their managers were responsive on a range of issues. However, only 39 percent said their managers were effective when it came to dealing with poor performance and just 44 percent thought management would take action based on the survey results.

The survey looked at a broad spectrum of workplace issues, including training, workload and compensation. The latter of these received the most negative responses. Just 22 percent of employees felt they were adequately paid for the work they do. The same percentage said their pay was on par with those doing similar work in other organizations.

Nearly one quarter of those polled, 23 percent, said they had experienced discrimination in the workplace in the previous six months. The largest single basis for that discrimination (20 percent) was pay grade or job title. Just 9 percent said they had experienced ethnic-based discrimination.

Results from individual ministries and departments are expected in the coming weeks. The Portfolio of Civil Service plans to conduct the survey annually to measure the internal impact of efforts to implement its five-year strategic plan.

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