Cayman Cricket prepares for another big year

Cayman Cricket celebrated an eventful year and began crafting plans for 2018 at its annual general meeting in late December. The organization held its annual election for board members and officers and began laying the groundwork to further increase youth participation in the game going forward.

Cayman participated in last year’s ICC World Cricket League Division 5 competition in South Africa, and the local junior development program saw 4,700 boys and girls participating in cricket activities in 2017. Those activities included physical education sessions at primary and high school levels, as well as inter-school competitions and summer camps hosted by a group of local organizations.

Peter Anderson, the technical director for Cayman Cricket, said Thursday that the school programs could include as many as 6,000 kids in 2018. Anderson also said that Cayman’s cricket ranking improved from No. 52 to No. 43 last year, and he hopes to have the program in the top 40 over the next decade.

“Basically, what we’re all about is building the school programs,” said Anderson of the program’s next step. “Everything we get, we put it toward development. It’s going to take 10 years.”

Anderson developed cricket programs in Papua New Guinea and Afghanistan before his involvement with Cayman Cricket. Improving the prospects of youth players is near the top of his agenda, but he also hopes to increase sponsorship and perhaps found a new playing complex.

“We’re the No. 1 sport in this country in world ranking,” said Anderson. “It’s been a helter skelter year. I’ve just come in and I’ve moved it as quickly as possible. We’ve picked up rankings. The school program has gone really well and we want to put more money into that. We’re investing in sustainability. When I go, I just want to make sure that everything is in place and we’re moving in the right direction.”

Hector Robinson, the vice president of Cayman Cricket, released an official statement about 2017.

“The highlight of the year at a local level was the Legends Reunited golf and gala fundraising event in March,” he said as part of a press release. “We were thrilled to welcome legendary West Indies opening batsmen, Gordon Greenidge and Desmond Haynes, over a weekend which saw the legends participating in the fundraising events, attending junior training sessions and making media appearances.”

This year, Cayman Cricket hopes to develop proposals for a tour for a national under-15 team and an international under-19 tournament. The Cayman senior team will be playing in an ICC Americas Tournament in Argentina, and locally, the organization hopes to increase the participation of girls.

Abali Hoilett was voted to return as President of Cayman Cricket, and Hector Robinson will serve as the organization’s vice president. Marlon Hoyte was elected to be Cayman Cricket’s treasurer, and Ricardo Roach was chosen as the organization’s secretary.

Bruce Jalim, Ricardo Sealy, Iranna Baligar and Walton Gooding will serve on Cayman Cricket’s board.

“We’ve got a wonderful board. We’re positive and we’re moving in the right direction,” said Anderson. “This year is really going to establish our program and our sustainability going forward.”


  1. This makes me laugh. We have a wonderful board….not sure what parallel universe you are in. Have a look at your own website, items from 2009, nothing since 2016 and at least 3 unanswered e mails that I have sent regarding my son wanting to play cricket, attend coaching, join a local team etc. Yet another little group of friends that went to school together, are related or who scratch each other’s back in other ways and who no doubt get CIG funding. It is impossible to find out when games are on, the historical and excellent Saturday morning coaching is no more…cricket in Cayman is a joke unless you are on the inner circle.
    I fail to see how you cannot facilitate a vibrant scene with so many expats here from cricketing nations, there is no reason why, with proper management, cricket could not rival Cayman Rugby.

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