MAIL CALL: Why didn’t you publish my comment?

Editorial Writer Jennifer Hemmingsen explains Cayman Compass community standards and why some reader comments don’t make it online.


  1. Cayman Compass Editor , I think it is pretty bad that you have to go into details of why you don’t published all comments .
    But don’t you see anything wrong with all your reasons and the Laws of FREEDOM of SPEECH .
    The Judiciary system cant be publicly criticized by Law . That’s not FREEDOM OF SPEECH , when Judges within the system can do whatever he/she /Judges wish to do , and don’t have to worry about public scrutiny. That’s not FREEDOM OF SPEECH.
    WHY do you allow the Government to get away with making those kinds of Laws ?
    Why should a Judge have so much power to skirt the Laws without consequences ?
    For instance the cases of the sugar glider and the caviar , I am sure you’re aware of those two cases . We have to remember that not because it’s a Law that it’s always a good Law .
    Ron C Ebanks.

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