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Mail call: Anonymous comments

For years, it has been Compass policy not to publish anonymous letters to the editor or comments on our web site. In an editorial last week, our editorial board reaffirmed its commitment to these policies and explained its reasoning for publishing the views of readers willing to publicly “own” their words.

Weekend Mail Call: Beach patrols

Compass readers had a lot to say about stepped-up beach patrols, which the RCIPS hopes will deter crime and nuisance behaviors on Seven Mile Beach.

MAIL CALL: Cruise pier referendum

The proposed George Town harbor cruise pier project continued to spark controversy last week as opposition leaders called for a referendum on whether or not to build the pier.

MAIL CALL: North Sound pontoon

Compass readers panned the idea of a tourism pontoon in North Sound. Editorial Writer Jennifer Hemmingsen shares some reactions to the idea of a multi-deck platform near Stingray City Sandbar.

MAIL CALL: Sustainable growth in tourism

About 1.3 million tourists arrived in Cayman during the first six months of this year. That’s a 20 percent increase over this time last year. Stayover visits are up 16 percent so far this year.

Mail Call: Sargassum summer

Sargassum. It is quickly becoming a dirty word here in the Caribbean, as massive floating mats of the stuff inundate our shores.

Mail Call: Improving schools

Editorial writer Jennifer Hemmingsen explains new inspection framework for Cayman's schools and how residents can provide input.

Weekend Mail Call: Beneficial ownership disclosure

On May 1, the U.K. House of Commons decided that Cayman and other British overseas territories must create public registries listing the owners of companies registered in their jurisdictions. It apparently caught Cayman’s leaders by surprise.

Weekend Mail Call: Snorkel safety

Snorkelers can greatly reduce their chances of encountering difficulty by taking some common-sense precautions.

Weekend Mail Call: Meeting Governor Choudhury

Governor Anwar Choudhury and his family seem to be making a fine impression with Cayman’s residents.

Weekend Mail Call: Flex

Here's what readers said about Flex - a new rideshare app that will allow riders to hail a taxi, track its arrival and pay the fare by mobile phone.

Weekend Mail Call: Topless cruise

Cayman weighs in on plans to bring a new type of tourism attraction to the islands: a topless cruise. Editorial writer Jennifer Hemmingsen shares reader reactions.

Weekend Mail Call: Airport delays

Here's what readers had to say about continued challenges for Cayman’s air travelers.

Mail Call: Violent crimes

All of Grand Cayman is talking about a recent string of violent crimes, and what might be done to make our island safe again.

Weekend Mail Call: ‘Catfight’ on the Sister Islands

The Compass editorial “Catfight on the sister Islands” had readers talking this week, as animal advocates took to the courts to halt government’s plan to cull booming feral cat populations.

MAIL CALL: Why didn’t you publish my comment?

Editorial Writer Jennifer Hemmingsen explains Cayman Compass community standards and why some reader comments don't make it online.

MAIL CALL: ‘Dancing’ policeman

Readers loved our story about Officer Fabian O’Connor’s crowd-wowing traffic directing in downtown George Town this past week.

MAIL CALL: Car crashes

Editorial writer Jennifer Hemmingsen talks about the things that go "bump" in the day ... and night ... well, really, at any time, wherever there is a road nearby. (We're referring to Grand Cayman's scourge of automobile accidents.)

MAIL CALL: Dancing on Sundays

Editorial Writer Jennifer Hemmingsen explains Cayman's policy on music and dancing on Sundays, and how it will affect New Year's Eve celebrations.

MAIL CALL: Holiday hours

With Christmas and the New Year approaching, the Cayman Compass will be respecting holiday hours to let staff enjoy time with family and friends. Editorial Writer Jennifer Hemmingsen explains how readers can stay informed throughout the season.

MAIL CALL: Motorbike mania

Editorial Writer Jennifer Hemmingsen shares readers' comments on the "rogue biker" situation on Grand Cayman.

MAIL CALL: Suggestions for Cayman

Editorial Writer Jennifer Hemmingsen talks about a recent letter to the editor -- "10 suggestions for Cayman" -- that stirred up some lively conversation.

MAIL CALL: Searching our archives

How do you find a story that was published in the Compass ... um ... was it last year, maybe? Editorial writer Jennifer Hemmingsen explains how to access our newspaper archives, which go back to 1965.

MAIL CALL: Suggestions for Cayman

Editorial Writer Jennifer Hemmingsen talks about a recent letter to the editor -- "10 suggestions for Cayman" -- that stirred up some lively conversation.

MAIL CALL: Online comments

How does the Compass manage its online comments section? Editorial writer Jennifer Hemmingsen explains why the newspaper doesn't publish anonymous, defamatory or false comments.

MAIL CALL: We don’t wait to report the news

What happens if a source stalls, or simply does not respond to a journalist's request for information?

MAIL CALL: Corrections, clarifications and apologies

What happens when something factually incorrect finds its way into the pages of the Cayman Compass? Editorial writer Jennifer Hemmingsen explains the newspaper's policy on issuing corrections, clarifications and apologies.

MAIL CALL: Letter writers say, ‘Thanks, Cayman!’

Two visitors wrote in recently to thank Cayman Islands residents for performing good deeds. Editorial writer Jennifer Hemmingsen reads the letters to the editor in this week's Weekend Mail Call.

MAIL CALL: Why are editorials unsigned?

Why are Cayman Compass editorials unsigned? Editorial writer Jennifer Hemmingsen explains.

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