Weekend Mail Call: Snorkel safety

Snorkelers can greatly reduce their chances of encountering difficulty by taking some common-sense precautions.

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  1. Always snorkel with a buddy or two , know where you’re going to snorkel and always wear a floation device , know how to use all the equipment the proper way , stay calm and relaxed at all times , don’t snorkel far from shore if you aren’t a strong swimmer , and don’t touch the corals . Because it would be very painful to put your hand on a scorpion fish . touching and standing on the corals kills it .
    The scorpion fish are very hard to identify on the coral because it can blend itself right in with coral .
    A true story about staying calm and relaxed at all times . Some years ago I was out free diving spearfishing in about 60ft of water , and I ruptured a blood vessel in my head down about 60ft and I weren’t unconscious, but felt as if I was spinning around in circles , then to tell that I weren’t , I looked at the bottom and knew that the opposite direction would be the surface where I had to go , and I made it safely to the Doctor. If I had panicked I wouldn’t be here to tell you .