ICCI names new president

Byron Coon
Byron Coon

Byron R. Coon has been chosen as the new president of the International College of the Cayman Islands.

Michael Mannisto, president of ICCI’s board of trustees, made the announcement Wednesday in an email message. Mr. Mannisto said Mr. Coon will bring needed experience in college administration as well as a teaching background in the sciences to the school.

“Dr. Coon brings to ICCI a long history of strong leadership skills, curriculum development, expertise in developing leading online programs, a deep understanding of institutional research data, accreditations, as well as faculty and staff development,” Mr. Mannisto said in the email. “Dr. Coon also has demonstrated prudent fiscal responsibility throughout his career and has a strong sense of community.”

Mr. Coon is listed as Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs in the faculty guide for Argosy University for the 2013-2014 academic year. He was at the Schaumburg, Illinois, campus. It says he earned a doctorate in medical and veterinary diseases from the University of Florida in 2005. His faculty assignments covered a wide range from business to science.

“Dr. Coon’s fields include biological sciences, technology, engineering, math (STEM), business fields and health resources,” Mr. Mannisto said. “He is fully immersed in learning, teaching and holding higher education to the highest standards.”

Mr. Coon is also a naturopath and is listed as being on the advisory board for FirstFitness Nutrition, a company that markets diet and weight-loss products.

In an earlier interview, Mannisto had said the role of the new president would be to focus on increasing enrollment and retention at the school as well as fundraising.

ICCI has 101 students currently enrolled, less than half its capacity, Mr. Mannisto said. When the school’s last president, David Marshall, came to the campus in 2014, there were about 300 students. Mr. Marshall left in August last year.

Mr. Mannisto said Mr. Coon will help ICCI achieve its goals of being “a purpose-driven organization, focused on building better communities.”

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