The Cayman Islands government service is slightly better paid, a bit more Caymanian and has a few more female workers than it did five years before 2016.

Other than that, the public service that employs nearly 6,000 of Cayman’s 62,000 residents has remained about the same personnel-wise since 2012, according to figures released Friday by the government.

A staff overview contained in the 2016 annual report for the Portfolio of the Civil Service shows a total of 5,961 people were employed in both the central government service and in outside authorities and government-owned companies as of June 2016.

In June 2012, that same figure was 5,901 public sector employees.

The only slight change in staffing numbers was that about 100 more people worked in statutory authorities and government companies during 2016, when compared with 2012. Exactly 39 fewer people worked in the central government service during 2016 than in 2012.

The percentage of Caymanian workers employed in the public service also rose, but only slightly.

In June 2012, a total of 4,360 Caymanians were employed in the public sector [73.9 percent of the total government workforce]. In June 2016, there were 4,495 Caymanians employed [75.4 percent of the total].

The average age of civil service workers stayed nearly the same over the five year period, between ages 42 and 43.

Females increased their numbers within the government service, which in 2012 was made up of 52 percent women employees. In 2016, that number increased to 54 percent.

Males still dominated the higher pay brackets, however, with all of the highest-paid positions at the ‘A’ and ‘B’ pay grades being held by men. In the senior manager/department head pay grades [‘C’-‘G’], men made up 53 percent of those employed.

Overall, average wages rose by about 4 percent between 2012 and 2016, going from $43,932 per year to $45,729 per year.

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