Sol Group improves digital network to connect 40 offices in 23 countries

The Sol Group, the largest independent supplier of petroleum-based products to the Caribbean basin, has selected Riverbed SteelConnect to simplify network management for its 40 branch offices throughout the region.

“We’re in many different countries that are separated by water. There are different governments, different regulations and different technologies being used,” said Earl Mayers, regional IT manager for The Sol Group. “We needed to find a networking solution that would allow us to have effective communications and reduce our TCO [total cost of ownership] on such a diverse infrastructure.”

SteelConnect is a software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) and cloud networking solution that provides all branch and local offices with fast and secure access to the company’s centralized business applications and is helping accelerate Sol’s adoption of cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings.

To ensure that all branch and local offices would have fast and secure access to financial systems and other applications once they were delivered over long distances from a data center, the company was looking at very expensive upgrades to existing circuits. “We saw that the cost was going to be tremendous, or the centralization wasn’t going to be effective,” Mr. Mayers explained.

Instead he turned to SD-WAN, which offered the advantage of managing multiple types of network connections with one solution. “We felt very strong about the ability of Riverbed to actually deliver. In addition, going with Riverbed gives us the option to scale up and integrate other Riverbed technologies,” Mr. Mayers said.

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