Road clear following oil spill

Update at 11:00 a.m.

The spill has been cleared and the area is open to traffic again.

Original story:

Traffic near the roundabout at the intersection of Shedden Road, Dorcy Drive and Crewe Road is being diverted this morning because of a large oil spill.

Police said traffic through the area is being redirected and advised motorists to avoid the area if possible.

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  1. A large oil spill on the road / environment , was it a 55 gallons of oil ? Or a 155 gallons ? How come there’s nothing said about an investigation into the matter ? Is it ok to just spill oil on the road or any where without consequences . How come the Police aren’t asking for witness to come forward to the investigation of this oil spill .
    Good right contamination and crime and corruption is destroying the Islands .

  2. Spilling and dumping oil in the environment. After reading about this oil spill in different News Media , and no one is speaking or Police not investigating about it .
    I have to wonder if anyone really cares about the environment, when it comes to dumping and spilling oil in it . Not to even write a comment about it.
    There’s a lot that we can be talking about on this topic . Is there Laws against dumping/transporting oil in the environment in Cayman Islands ? The environment is our one and only one that we and future generations will ever have, so if we don’t take care off it , there won’t be no future of it . We need to know that when contamination happens it’s very very expensive to clean up , if we can do it a 100% . So we all should be protectors of the environment .