EY sponsors high school’s math quiz

The Junior team math quiz winners at Layman E. Scott High School. From left, David Tibbetts (Year 9), Tianna Grey (Year 9), Christon Ferguson (Year 7), and EY’s Suzanne Collins.

EY Cayman sponsored Layman E. Scott Senior High School’s 9th annual Inter-House Mathematics Quiz and supplied six iPads for the student winners.

The annual mathematics quiz began as a school initiative to raise the students’ appreciation of the subject after an inspection report in 2010 highlighted the students’ poor performance in mathematics compared to other core subjects.

Three students represented each “house” during separate inter-house competitions.

“We are extremely grateful for EY’s support,” said Adrian Jones, principal of Layman E. Scott Senior High School. “Their support of the mathematics quiz competition is, in reality, a support of the improvement of mathematics throughout the school and a consequential investment in the youth of this community.”

Suzanne Collins represented EY at the event and presented the awards to the students. “EY is pleased to support the school’s initiative to improve numeracy. It was great to see the students and faculty so excited by mathematics,” she said.

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