Public Library launches mobile library service

Residents of North Side check out some of the magazines and books provided by the Book Mobile.

The Cayman Islands Public Library Service is using a mobile library to bring reading materials to senior citizens, residents of retirement homes, and other adult populations with limited mobility.

Outfitted with a small collection of fiction and non-fiction print materials, the Book Mobile will make monthly stops to targeted locations in each district, according to the library service.

The Book Mobile is fitted out to be specifically used as a mobile library, and is stocked with books and magazines.

“We hope to bring the Book Mobile to communities on the last Friday of each month. The patrons we visit will have the opportunity to sign-up for library cards, borrow books, and find out about new senior programmes that are being developed for the local Public Library,” said the director of the Cayman Islands Public Library Service, Ramona Melody in a press release.

She said the aim is to visit communities on Fridays, but also to determine the most convenient times to visit based on the feedback of those interested in the service. The visits would take place before 4:30 p.m. and the day will be adjusted based on the greatest demand.

The soft launch of this program commenced in February this year and has been running with limited staff; eventually, staff members will be assigned to districts based on where they work and visits will take place once per month.

The library service is encouraging the public to get involved by contributing books, audio books, magazines and large-print materials to the mobile library. Those wishing to volunteer or assist with this program are asked to contact Ms. Melody.

“Due to unreliable transportation and/or lack of the internet, there are significant barriers for some persons to access information. I am proud that the Book Mobile helps overcome these barriers by bringing the materials to the people who may need it most,” said Education Minister Juliana O’Connor-Connolly in the release.

For more information on the Book Mobile, visit or contact 949-5159

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