Taxi driver, police assist in retrieving lost bag

Inspector Courtney Myles and taxi driver Romellia Welcome helped reunite a cruise passenger and her missing bag.

Romellia Welcome was willing to go to great lengths to do the right thing.

Ms. Welcome, a local taxi driver, discovered a handbag left in her vehicle last week, and she enlisted the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service in locating the owner.

The bag – which was the property of a cruise ship passenger from the United States – was reunited with its owner thanks to the efforts of Ms. Welcome, the police and FedEx.

Ms. Welcome first thought that the bag belonged to one of her relatives, but when she realized it did not, she got in touch with the police to see if they could help. Inspector Courtney Myles of the Community Policing Department spoke with Ms. Welcome and then located the bag owner’s identification.

Mr. Myles got in touch with the visitor’s bank in the United States, and he was informed that she had just canceled her credit cards the day before. The bank put him in touch with the woman, and he was able to let her know that her bag was located intact and could be forwarded to her.

The bag – which also held the woman and her husband’s passports – led Mr. Myles and Ms. Welcome to FedEx, and the company offered to ship the bag back to its owner without any charge. That occurred on May 1, and the police department shared its account of the story on Tuesday morning.

“When Ms. Welcome approached me, I was more than happy to help,” said Inspector Myles in an official statement. “I commend her for her persistence in doing the right thing, and we are both grateful to FedEx for their generosity and support in shipping the bag free of charge.

“While it seems like just a minor incident, this is a small example of what can happen when we work together with members of the public and local organizations.”


  1. This happens at least 2-3 times a week on the dock alone. I really haven’t heard of any taxi or bus driver that hasn’t brought back items left behind. But other customers on a bus who see a item like phones or money, etc. will take items without giving to their fellow passengers on board.

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