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Airports authority seeks to sign late-night taxi operators

The Cayman Islands Airports Authority is working to approve 50 additional taxi operators to serve Owen Roberts International Airport. An unspecified number of those would operate from 4pm to 6am, in an effort to address late-night flight arrivals.

New app-branded cabs hit the road

CI:GO is a new offline smartphone calculator app that allows passengers to plug in their route and the number of passengers to find out how much the ride will cost.

Taxi app launched to ensure fair fares

A new digital taxi fare calculator is being launched in an effort to ensure consistent and transparent pricing in the industry.

Conditional support for ‘Caymanian Uber’

The chances of an Uber-style app getting off the ground in the Cayman Islands could hinge on new legislation currently being drafted by government.

Tourism Association hopeful amid taxi concerns

Unfair and inconsistent taxi pricing remains a major concern for tourism industry figureheads.

3,000 signatures but still no action on taxi fares

Two years and almost 3,000 signatures after starting a petition calling for taxi meters to be used in cabs around the island, Caymanian student Jack Tonge says he is surprised that no action has been taken on the issue.

Taxi app proposed to stem complaints

An “electronic fare calculator” – a more basic version of an Uber-style smartphone app – is proposed as a solution to concerns over inconsistent taxi fares in the Cayman Islands.

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Taxi driver, police assist in retrieving lost bag

A local taxi driver discovered a handbag left in her vehicle last week, and enlisted the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service in locating the owner.

Weekend Mail Call: Flex

Here's what readers said about Flex - a new rideshare app that will allow riders to hail a taxi, track its arrival and pay the fare by mobile phone.

Taxi concerns persist amid record year for tourism

Tourism businesses remain concerned about inconsistent pricing and lack of a reliable nighttime service from taxis.

Taxi van driver charged in Jamaican doctor’s death

An elderly taxi van driver was charged Friday in connection with a deadly July 2017 crash at Owen Roberts International Airport.

NEW: Taxi driver charged in fatal airport wreck

An elderly taxi driver was charged Friday in connection with a deadly crash at Owen Roberts International Airport that occurred in July.

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