Woman, 92, arrested in police raid

Police confirmed that a 92-year-old woman was among two people arrested Friday during a law enforcement raid at a George Town home, which ended in a dog being shot by police.

The nonagenarian and a 54-year-old were arrested on suspicion of possessing an unlicensed firearm after a handgun was found on the premises during the police search.

Police said the loaded handgun and two spearguns were recovered from the home on Bodden Road Friday morning. The elderly woman was arrested, taken to the detention center, questioned and released on bail shortly afterward.

According to a police statement on the shooting that occurred during the incident: “While executing the warrant, a pit bull aggressively ran towards one of the officers as if to attack. As it approached, the officer shot the dog once, wounding it. A veterinary doctor was immediately contacted to attend the location. The dog was taken by the doctor for medical treatment, but later had to be put down.


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