Police: Women robbed on Seven Mile Beach

Two robberies targeting female pedestrians occurred over the past weekend involving suspects who were armed with knives, the Royal Cayman Islands Police reported.

Late Saturday night, two women walking just north of the Seven Mile Public Beach area were approached from behind by three male suspects. Police said one of the attackers held a knife.

The suspects made off with a handbag, some cash and other personal items. The two female victims were not physically hurt.

One juvenile male was arrested in connection with the Saturday robbery and remained in custody Monday.

Another robbery occurred late Friday on Eastern Avenue near Bodden Road. In that attack, a woman was approached at a bus stop by a lone male who brandished a knife before taking her purse.

No arrests were reported in connection with Friday’s attack.


  1. What’s wrong with the women here. You can’t be walking at night. Are you crazy. you can’t jog at night. You can’t act stupid. You do. This or any other island or country is not Utopia. There is danger here, and if you aren’t proficient in martial arts or the like, you will be victimized. Get smart.

  2. Way to blame the victim here. “you can’t be walking at night.” Wow. The reason my FIL started going to Cayman was because of the wonderful quality of life and the lack of crime. My husband and I have now been visiting for 30 years. Yes, times have changed everywhere, but to hear the attitude of “you can’t walk or jog at night,” is so disheartening to me. What about the government and police MAKING the island safe for people to walk and jog at night? Or early in the morning before daylight? These women were on 7MB, north of the public beach, so perhaps walking back to the Kimpton? Not exactly an area where I would have thought I needed an armed guard. When we stay on the island, I do go running early morning (it’s crazy to wait for the sun to make it even hotter). If I have to worry for my safety because I want to go outside after the sun goes down, or before it comes up, I guess Cayman is no longer the place for us. I read this paper online year round. This kind of stuff is happening all the time. Maybe Dart and some of the other developers need to invest in undercover security so everyone can feel safe walking on the beaches and running on West Bay Road.

  3. C,mon Grand Cayman.

    We cannot walk the beach at night without being accosted and robbed at knifepoint?

    Bring the perpetrators to justice. Their sentence should be severe and swiftly applied. The Compass should cover their trial and publish their names prominently.

    Tourism feeds every economic class of family on this island. Are we to let a few near do wells soil our great reputation as a “safe” destination? Failure to act will encourage more of the same.

    Ignore this at your peril!

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