Cayman Islands freediver Richard Collett broke three national records in the pool at a tournament in Florida earlier this month.

Mr. Collett held his breath for 6 minutes and 17 seconds in the “static apnea” breath-hold challenge, then swam 166 meters underwater in the pool with a monofin and 114 meters without fins. The performance was enough to get him second place at the South Florida Apnea Challenge in Miami as well as setting three new Cayman Islands records.

Mr. Collett, who finished third in the international Deja Blue competition held in Cayman in May, said he was happy that seven months of training had paid off with another successful performance.

He said his next target was to push toward the 200-meter mark in the pool discipline – four lengths of an Olympic-size swimming pool.

“The North American Continental record is 208m and breaking that starts looking possible if I can hit 200m,” he said. “I have just got to make it happen now.”

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