Humane Society to bring Dogs to beach on Saturday

Ramona Bogdan and her rescue dog Keno are celebrating six years together, and hoping to make more matches possible for visitors to the Cayman Islands Humane Society. Ms. Bogdan is spearheading a fundraiser for the Humane Society Saturday that will bring all of the shelter’s dogs to the beach.

Volunteers can pick up a dog from the shelter – or bring their own dog – and make a $15 donation to the Humane Society. In return, they will receive a raffle ticket. The dogs and their handlers will be congregating and enjoying the sands at Public Beach on Seven Mile Beach from 8:30 a.m. until 11.

Later on Saturday night, there will be a sunset cruise, also benefiting the Humane Society. The cruise, which costs $75, will sail to Kaibo and will feature a half-hour yoga session and a half-hour guided moonlight meditation in the bioluminescent bay.

The cruise home will be punctuated by a drum circle chaired by Daniel Ebanks and Max Kazakov. A raffle prize drawing will be held Sunday, with numerous prizes, including one from Magnum Jewelry.

Ms. Bogdan said she hopes to inspire people to adopt from the Humane Society as a result of the event, and if that is not possible, perhaps participants can consider being a foster home to a dog or cat.


  1. Everyone on Cayman. Please contribute to the Humane Society with their fabulous fundraiser this Saturday. Bring your dog or a shelter dog to the beach at SMB. Please read above. Here is your chance to make the big difference. We’re weary of hearing about abused animals. Let’s read about all the generous Caymanians who donated, enjoyed the cruise, yoga, prizes and fun. Now is your time to shine, and perhaps even adopt one of the wonderful loving animals.

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