Starbucks mulling Cayman opening

Starbucks may be coming to Cayman soon. The company has not announced details for opening here, but has suggested that plans are in the works.

“With the majority of Caymanians familiar with the brand, we believe the response locally will be a strong one. Starbucks holds their partners, products, and customer service to incredible standards and we feel we will add value and complement all that’s already good with Cayman, with our offerings,” the company stated in response to a Compass inquiry.

“We will be sharing more specific details about our plans, including opening dates, store counts, local hiring, suppliers and more in the coming months, so stay tuned!”


  1. “incredible standards” include shipping frozen pastry from west to east coast, then reheating it. They should stick with coffee and its products.

    The Brasserie Market coffee is excellent and their pastry and desserts baked fresh daily on premises. Local coffee shops and cafés are full of unique personality and offer so many individualized options that create a more personal experience.

    Local independent coffee shops don’t need Starbuck to compete with!

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