Thieves posing as waiters conned beachgoers into handing over cash in a new escalation of petty crime on Seven Mile Beach.

Calico Jack’s owner Handel Whittaker said two people had stolen menus from the restaurant and started taking orders from tourists on the beach. The duo apparently promised to deliver food and drinks to their deck chairs and asked for cash up front before disappearing with the money.

He only found about the scam when the victims turned up at the restaurant wondering why their meals were taking so long.

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“We had some people come to Calico’s extremely upset wanting to know where their food and drinks were,” he said. “We had no knowledge of it.”

He said he had given the victims a meal on the house. But he is concerned that the incident last month and other petty crime on the beach is getting out of hand and impacting Cayman’s reputation.

“To come up here and experience something like that leaves a bad taste in your mouth,” he said.

“Almost every cruise ship day, we have a complaint of some kind – people being robbed, ripped off or approached for drugs. It is getting to the point where something has to be done. I would like to see tourism police on the beach every day. It is something we have to address before the next high season.”

He also highlighted continuing problems with vendors using public beach.

“You can’t even get to the beach at times because there are so many deck chairs lying around. It is chaotic,” he said.

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  1. MORE COPS, MORE COPS. The perps are everywhere. Beaches, restaurants, sidewalks, stores. This island is a haven for crime.
    Get a grip on this problem now, or it won’t matter later. Those big reported tourist numbers (if true) will be all but history.

  2. Is this the same thing that ruined the Jamaica Tourism ? And what happened to the panhandling laws ? Got them , but no enforcement of the laws again. I believe that the government is going to sit down and let the criminals destroy the Tourism, just like the Jamaican government did . The government is really surpportive of the Financial sector, but not so to the Tourism sector , why ? Are they equal pillars of our economy ?

    Do we want the Cayman Islands Tourism to be like the other Islands Tourism ? Like all the exclusive hotel/resorts where the tourist can’t mix the local people of the Island . And that’s not the DOT slogan “Caymankind”. I think that the Tourism sector would be making a big mistake if they let criminals and the government destroy the tourism , that the Caymanian poineers built.

  3. We are regular visitors to the Grand Cayman and feel very safe there as opposed to many other Caribbean destinations. However there does appear to be a lot of crime we do not see, only read about in the paper. That being said we always comment when we are there that we never see the police. We never see a police car on the road, only at the station. We never see anyone pulled over like here at home. There are people speeding for sure and not following the rules of the road so they could be stopping people. We are surprised ….very surprised that we also never see a police officer on foot walking “the beat”. Now that being said we don’t want to see armed officers everywhere looking militant and scary, but a presence is I think necessary. I feel it would make a huge difference if they were just out and about every day. We always ask…..Where are they?

  4. Scary is a good thing. Fine line between respect and fear anyway. That’s the trouble. No respect or fear. The cops here are weak.
    We are starting to resemble Jamaica, man. Our motto will be “Avoid Cayman, The Crime Haven”.

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