Gerald Jaleel Bush, on trial with Rico Roy Walton for possession of unlicensed firearms, continued giving evidence on Tuesday about events on the night of June 24-25, 2017, when the alleged offense took place.

The men were arrested after being seen in a boat in South Sound and then the discovery by police of two handguns near the “shoe tree” along the shore of South Sound.

Mr. Bush, 21, told the jury previously that he and Mr. Walton had forgotten their bait when they went out on a boat to fish off Pedro Castle. He said they came back in a little after midnight and Mr. Walton dropped him ashore near Old Crewe Road so that he could walk to a gas station to get bait.

Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Patrick Moran, who is conducting the prosecution, asked why Mr. Bush did not just go back to the South Sound dock where his truck was parked and then drive the truck to get bait.

Mr. Bush explained that his truck was not roadworthy and he did not want to get stopped by police. He said he “took my chances” driving the truck to the dock with the boat earlier in the evening, but he knew police often have roadblocks in the area around Hurley’s at that time of night.

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He agreed that camera footage from the police helicopter did not show him walking in the direction of the gas station; it showed him turning in the direction of the dock. He said he realized he did not have his wallet to pay for bait. He phoned Mr. Walton, who was in the boat, and asked if his wallet was there. Mr. Walton said no, but the truck keys were and Mr. Walton was going back to the dock to see if the bait was in the truck.

The prosecutor asked why Mr. Bush did not tell Mr. Walton to come back and pick him up. Mr. Bush replied, “That never came to mind at the moment right there and then.” Later, he noted that the two men were drinking beers and smoking earlier that evening, so he wasn’t really functioning at one hundred percent.

On Monday afternoon, jurors were shown photos of Mr. Bush holding a gun. Questioned by his attorney, Jonathon Hughes, Mr. Bush had said he did not take a particular picture of a gun that was on his phone. “I don’t have access to any gun to take a picture of,” he said.

When Mr. Moran began his cross-examination, he showed the photos of Mr. Bush and a gun. He suggested that Mr. Bush not having any access to a gun was not the truth.

Mr. Bush pointed out that the prosecutor had not asked what jurisdiction, that he had not clarified where – in the Cayman Islands or abroad. He said the photo was a selfie he had taken in Jamaica in February 2017.

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