A record number of 18 interns joined Harneys' summer program this year.

This year’s Harneys’ summer internship program saw its largest number of participants. A total of 18 young men and women were placed within the firm’s legal, fiduciary and business support teams, where they observed day-to-day operations and earned practical experience.

Many of the students were returning home from university and this year the firm also welcomed a selection of high school students.

“We take pride in shaping our young Caymanians in their career paths,” said Trisha McElroy, Harneys’ head of people management and culture. “We hope that by giving them this experience, it will provide the framework they need to excel in their chosen fields.”

Harneys’ annual summer internship program spans 12 weeks between June and August, and is designed to develop young professionals through applied experience in a corporate environment supported by mentorship opportunities.

For more information or to apply to join the Harneys’ summer internship program, contact [email protected]

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