OfReg appoints acting dual CEOs

The Utility Regulation and Competition Office, known as OfReg, announced on Tuesday that it has appointed Duke Munroe and Gregg Anderson to serve as “Acting CEOs on a rotational basis” until a new CEO is appointed permanently.

Mr. Munroe is OfReg’s chief fuels inspector and its fuels markets director, and Mr. Anderson is the regulator’s executive director of energy and utilities and has sat on OfReg’s board as its deputy chair.

Meanwhile, the regulator’s recruitment process for a full-time CEO “is in full swing with a number of strong candidates having put themselves forward,” OfReg said.

Messrs. Munroe and Anderson take over the vacancy left by Jamaican regulatory veteran J. Paul Morgan, who completed his contract on Aug. 6.

Alee Fa’amoe remains in his position as OfReg’s deputy CEO and head of its telecommunications office, according to OfReg’s public relations firm, Fountainhead.

OfReg has also recently appointed former Education Ministry Chief Officer Christen Suckoo to serve as its chief operating officer, with the job of helping implement numerous policies adopted by central government over the last several years, including the official travel policy, the anti-fraud policy, the policy on offering or receiving hospitality, entertainment and gifts, the procurement code of conduct, and procedural guidelines for Crown estate matters, according to government.

OfReg ran a nearly $1.5 million operating deficit in 2017, its first year of existence, racking up some $234,000 in travel expenses, $234,000 in legal fees, and $304,630 in “other operating expenses.”

Despite this, Mr. Morgan told the Compass in July: “I believe I have done most of what I set out to do … time to hand over the reins.”

OfReg Chairman Linford Pierson also gave the departed CEO a vote of confidence, saying Mr. Morgan “has done a fantastic job since he’s been there” and that hopefully he’ll be available to assist Cayman in the future if the need arises.

Editor’s note: This story has been updated to reflect Alee Fa’amoe’s position at OfReg.


  1. It seems Government’s response to to last year’s $1.5 million operating deficit is to appoint even more chiefs. As for Mr Pierson, I woder if he could give his rationale for claiming that Mr Morgan the outgoing CEO ” has done a fantastic job since he’s been there”, when in fact according to documented reports he and the majority of his staff have in fact not “been there”, but off the island on a continuing basis, contributing to the deficit.

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