Cayman students are about to learn about the Earth.

Cayman will stage its sixth annual Geology Education Week starting Monday and ending Friday, and it will feature lessons for local high schools and a professional development course for educators.

A field trip to Cayman Brac will be one of the main events on the schedule.

During this year’s Geology Education Week, which is hosted by the Water Authority – Cayman, Brian Jones, geology professor at the University of Alberta in Canada, will lead a series of lessons and lectures.

“Not only is Dr. Jones a world-renowned geologist, his career includes more than 30 years of work right here in the Cayman Islands,” said Hendrik-Jan van Genderen, the resources engineer for the Water Authority. “We are very pleased to announce that Dr. Jones will be able to lead this year’s program of events and the level of interest from local schools and educators is greater than ever before.”

The courses offered as part of Geology Education Week are limited to high school students and educators, but the public can learn through the Water Authority’s social media accounts.

“This is our way of sharing Dr. Jones’ wealth of knowledge with the wider public and engaging with our followers on social media,” said Hannah Reid, the Water Authority’s corporate communications officer.

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