Brac Day Care Centre now satisfactory

The Cayman Brac Day Care Centre has made satisfactory progress in addressing problems that were identified as “important weaknesses” in a report issued in April by the Office of Education Standards.

Inspectors first came to the center after being alerted by officials at the Ministry of Education. They identified a lack of space for the students, inadequate curriculum and health and hygiene problems.

Some of the health and hygiene issues, such as an ample number of child-sized toilets, still need to be addressed, the latest report, issued last Friday, said, although it mentioned these items are on order.

The report also said that while the center has made progress in eliminating a cluttered environment by installing shelves, it is “still in need of a designated area to store materials and large equipment for the early childhood program.”

It said an isolation area, other than the staff room, was needed for children who become sick while at school.

Reorganization of classroom areas, the report said, has created what inspectors deemed was adequate space for the children, and teacher/student ratios were at accepted levels. It also said children had a wider variety of activities available to them and improved access to those activities.

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