Letter: Thoughts about school uniforms

I am writing again about the footwear issue at the West Bay Primary School. The shoelace issue is still not solved and there is another issue I would like to address and that is girls not being able to wear earrings.

I suggest the girls wear black dress shoes with a strap and that they all be alike; the boys should also wear dress shoes, all alike. On PE days, I recommend that all children wear sneakers with Velcro, not shoe laces, and they not play PE in their dress shoes.

Why the Ministry does not want girls to wear their small, flat gold or silver earrings I do not understand, or is it just Year 1? To be taking out and putting in earrings every day is unnecessary. If the girls have their ears pierced, why can they not wear small, flat/knob silver or gold earrings?

I can remember girls were allowed to wear small gold knob earrings when I was in school back in ‘69. All those years and now a sudden change. Now why the big change in 2018?

This has affected many parents. Girls should be allowed to wear earrings that are at least selected by the Ministry.

I pray that the Ministry will look into these important matters and make the necessary changes ASAP. Perhaps a staff member from the ministry can visit the school to see how our students look with the present footwear, compare the ones with the loose shoelaces and the dress shoes as I am suggesting and find out why the big change in the wearing of earrings for the girls.

Hopefully, the requested changes will be made in the near future. It will be so good to see our children dressed in full uniform and without untidy footwear.

Dora A.E. Ebanks (Ms.)

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