Letter: Suggestions for improvements

The first concern that I would like to mention is that about the footwear which the children at the West Bay Primary School are wearing.

In my opinion, a uniform should include the footwear. I would suggest that the Ministry agree on a particular shoe for the boys and girls – dress shoes would be appropriate or shoes with velcro and sneakers/keds for P.E. The uniform for our government schools reflects directly on the Ministry. I had also suggested that our children wear caps when playing P.E. out on the field. It is very hot most days and it would be much better for them to have something on their heads. When the weather does not permit them to be outside, hopefully, the hall can be converted to a gym where they can perform P.E. activities.

Another concern is about the two-week cleanup this summer. The persons that helped with it are probably available to work all through the year. Our streets should be beautiful and clean all year long. And it is evident that two weeks are not sufficient as there is litter still on our streets and bags of garbage, old cars and other household items left on the roadsides to be collected.

I suggested that government place garbage bins on the sides of the roads, post signs such as “Keep West Bay Clean and Beautiful – Please Do Not Litter” and post the litter fine sign throughout our districts. Perhaps a schedule for each district that would allow the same workers to help keep our streets clean on a daily basis. They could use a rotation system and place workers on our main roads with a certain area as their responsibility. Then the two-week cleanup could be mostly for unwanted vehicles and household items. Seeing people keeping our streets clean might also serve as a deterrent for litterbugs!

The third concern is, again, about the condition of our roads. One road in particular is the side road from the Cuban restaurant off Reverend Blackman Road up to Scholars Park. This road is in great disrepair and needs resurfacing immediately. The potholes are so huge it could cause serious injury to cyclists and destroy the vehicles that use the road. The lighting is also very poor. This road has only received filling up of the potholes, as evidenced by the look, for the past 30-40 years. After a good rain, the potholes are back to square one. Why the NRA is neglecting this road is of concern to me. This is a much-used road, by many persons in the community. It would be very good to see it properly fixed by resurfacing it.

Lastly, I would like to bring to the attention of our government and the Social Services Department the fact that there are a number of people on our island that have no food to eat, some are eating out of the garbage, they have no proper housing. Some do not have facilities to take a bath and there are those that just do not want to take a bath. I do not believe these people with personal issues are seeking assistance from government. Social workers need to go out in the districts and find these people.

We do not need this to be happening on our little islands. Government needs to pay more attention to our islands and the people.

Dora A.E. Ebanks

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