The Department of Environmental Health is reminding slaughtermen, butchers and livestock farmers of the arrangements regarding the inspection of locally slaughtered animals in the Cayman Islands during the upcoming Christmas Season.

Inspections by the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Environmental Health will be carried out to ensure safe slaughtering standards are met.

Both departments must be contacted at least 48 hours ahead of the proposed slaughter time.

Ante-mortem inspection, which is the examination of food animals before slaughter, will be conducted by the Veterinary Section of the Department of Agriculture. Slaughtermen are advised to contact the Department of Agriculture to make arrangements to have this done. Post-mortem inspection, which is the inspection undertaken immediately after slaughter to determine if the meat is fit for human consumption, is the responsibility of the Department of Environmental Health.

Meat from carcasses, whether whole or part of locally slaughtered animals, should not be offered for sale unless inspected and approved by the DEH. The DEH also reminds consumers that the carcasses of locally slaughtered animals that have been inspected by its officers and found suitable for human consumption usually bear the DEH Stamp, indicating that the meat has been certified.

Consumers should avoid purchasing or consuming local meat that has not been passed “fit for consumption” by the DEH, and should immediately report any instances where local meat is sold without certification.

For more information, call the Department of Environmental Health on 949-6696, the Agriculture Department on 947-3090, Gideon Simms for Grand Cayman on 925-4582 or Patience Eke for the Sister Islands on 916-4201 regarding arrangements for meat inspections.

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