Ronald Truman Bodden was sentenced to six years in prison Wednesday for an incident in which he stabbed two of his roommates and struck one of them in the head with a hammer.

Mr. Bodden was originally charged with attempted murder in the incident but ultimately pleaded guilty to wounding and wounding with intent. The six-year sentence was imposed for wounding with intent, and he will serve two years concurrently for the separate wounding charge.

The attempted murder charge will lie on file.

Crown counsel Greg Walcolm told the court that Mr. Bodden, a Cayman Brac resident, had attacked his roommates on the night of April 29, 2017. He attacked one with a knife while the victim was sleeping, and he also stabbed the other roommate when he came to the first victim’s defense.

The defendant was found in the home when police arrived.

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Mr. Walcolm told the court that the defendant said, “Yeah, I did it,” when police arrived on the scene, and he later admitted the offenses again during a police interview.

One of the roommates received extensive injuries, including lacerations to the nose, lip, back and thigh, in addition to a fractured rib and a partial collapse of the lower lobes of the lungs. The second roommate, who rushed to the first’s defense, suffered lacerations to the arm and chest.

Mr. Walcolm told the court that the attack happened in the early hours of the morning and that the defendant was under the influence of alcohol and cocaine at the time.

Mr. Bodden was said to have previous convictions for offenses of violence. Defense attorney Crister Brady noted that the injuries are not likely to be permanent or to require ongoing treatment.

Justice Linda Dobbs gave the defendant credit for pleading guilty to both offenses.

Mr. Bodden was sentenced to six years for wounding with intent, and Justice Dobbs noted it would have been nine years without his early guilty plea. Justice Dobbs also said that the two-year sentence for wounding would have been three years in the absence of an early guilty plea.

Mr. Bodden was given credit for a year of time served while waiting for his sentence.

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