Honda recall event draws more than 1,000

Technicians from the U.S. work on vehicles during Car City’s three-day air bag replacement event for Hondas and Acuras. - Photo: Taneos Ramsay

Of the at least 4,000 Honda and Acura vehicles on Grand Cayman that needed to have their air bags replaced following a worldwide recall, 1,050 were serviced at Car City’s recall event from Thursday to Saturday, according to Car City service manager Diane Hedge.

Ms. Hedge said that the 30 American Honda technicians who were brought here for the event have returned home.

However, those who have yet to have their air bags replaced still have a chance to do so. Ms. Hedge said another replacement day will take place this Saturday, when Honda drivers can take their vehicle to Car City to be serviced. Two local Honda technicians will be doing the work, she said.

Those who cannot make it this Saturday can call or email Car City to set up an appointment, she said. Car City is also planning on sending technicians to Cayman Brac, and Honda owners there should contact the dealership to discuss when would be a good time for that trip to happen, she added.

The air bags in question can cause pieces of their housing to break off during deployment, becoming dangerous projectiles that can injure drivers and/or passengers.

A technician who came here for the event, Kevin Newby from Montana, explained that the problem with the air bag inflators is that their manufacturer did not put enough moisture-absorbing desiccant in them.

“When the manufacturer made these, there’s a chemical compound that’s explosive and a desiccant that’s a moisture absorbent – and there’s not enough of that in there,” he said at the event on Thursday. “So the powder becomes a solid and when it gets voltage to ignite, it becomes a bomb.”

Mr. Newby said that means that projectiles from the air bag could shoot-out anywhere – a very hazardous situation for passengers or drivers.

People should email [email protected] to see if their car needs to have its air bags replaced.