Wayne Carlos Myles, charged with living or attempting to live off the earnings of prostitution, denied on Thursday that he was involved in any way with the actions of any prostitutes in Cayman between July 2014 and June 2017.

Aiding, abetting or compelling women’s prostitution with another person would lead to him being called a “pimp”, Crown counsel Eleanor Fargin said when she opened the case to Justice Marlene Carter last week.

The trial is judge-alone, at Myles’s request.

A large portion of the evidence against him has been in the form of telephone communication through WhatsApp or SMS texts.

Myles said he thought the various messages and/or photos on the phone had been put there by someone who knew how to access the instrument. He said the phone was not his. He knew who was responsible, but he did not wish to put his life or his family life at risk.

He agreed he had used the phone, but “I have no knowledge of any messages relating to prostitution.”

Fargin suggested, “You’re saying that to cover your tracks, aren’t you?”

Myes replied, “I have no knowledge. I prefer not to speculate.”

Defence attorney Alex Davies closed his case. Both counsel expected to make their closing speeches on Friday morning.